Next Step.

We received word yesterday that our homestudy is finished (we had a draft in our hands a few days ago, which we were able to edit and resubmit).  It was sent to our agency for review and we are told it will take about a week or so for them to look it over.  Provided that it is accepted, the next step will be to file an i600a, basically a form from immigration that gives us permission to bring an orphan to the United States. While these periods of "waiting" in between all the paperwork are … [Read more...]

From the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday my playgroup friends and their kids came over to help sort things for the garage sale fundraiser we're having this weekend (God bless them!).  As we adults were busily sorting through things, I overheard a conversation between our three year old daughter (E) and her 2 year old friend (L) as our daughter was showing her the baby swing.  (Note: since we have a lot of pregnant friends right now, our three year old also believes that she is pregnant.) L:  Are you having a baby? E: … [Read more...]

Fundraising is Awkward.

Adopting from Africa is something that has been in my heart for many years.  When I first began looking into the process about five years ago and saw the $30,000 price tag, I pretty much wrote off the whole idea as an impossible one.  Every now and then through the years, I would click onto websites or read blogs about adoption, but in the back of my mind lurked that incredibly high number, and I never gave it too much consideration for that reason alone. When my husband and I began looking … [Read more...]

First Post

I have gone back and forth about whether or not to blog about our adoption experience. I have been so torn that I actually started a blog a few weeks ago, wrote two posts over the course of the week, but then freaked out and removed it from this website. Blogging is uncomfortable for me. I'm not a complete introvert, and admit to having a Facebook account and even posting an occasional update or picture on it. But I am the kind of person who agonizes over every Facebook post I write, … [Read more...]