First Post

I have gone back and forth about whether or not to blog about our adoption experience. I have been so torn that I actually started a blog a few weeks ago, wrote two posts over the course of the week, but then freaked out and removed it from this website.

Blogging is uncomfortable for me. I’m not a complete introvert, and admit to having a Facebook account and even posting an occasional update or picture on it. But I am the kind of person who agonizes over every Facebook post I write, wondering if the fact that I saw a grizzly in Yellowstone is really Facebook-worthy news or are people going to judge me and think I’m over-sharing if I write that post.

And I suppose I have been torn about writing a blog because I feel as though adoption can be a private thing. I say this, realizing that I have spent every evening of the past two months stalking various adoptive blogs to see pictures and find out information about their process and their post-adoption experiences.

But when I really consider what these blogs have meant to me during the time that we began considering adoption, and will probably continue to mean to me as we go through the experience ourselves…I find myself feeling tremendously grateful for the information they have provided me and our family. One of the reasons we never pursued international adoption was because it seemed cost-prohibitive. But reading blogs from other adoptive parents allowed me to learn that the majority of people fundraise for their adoption, and that the cost–though overwhelming–shouldn’t be the only factor keeping us from growing our family and providing a forever home.

These blogs helped me learn more about the process and the countries as we tried to learn about which country was a good fit for us. They also helped us select an agency and prepare for our homestudy more adequately.

So, these blogs have been a wonderful resource for us. So part of me feels the need to “pay it forward” and be a resource to others. To help others who might feel moved in their hearts to adopt to learn more about the process and to be at peace with certain aspects of adoption that they might be wrestling with. While there are definitely certain parts of the process I will keep private, hopefully I will be able to still get some information out into the blogosphere that other families find useful.

Part of me also feels compelled to blog because two months ago, I was nearly completely ignorant about the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo–at least completely ignorant to how serious it was. I had no idea that the worst humanitarian crisis since the Holocaust is currently taking place in Africa. I had no idea that there were five million orphaned children–many of whom won’t live to be age six and many of whom will go on to be recruited as sex slaves and child soldiers. While every country certainly has their tragedies and injustices, I knew upon learning about the situation in the DRC that our child is over there, and we need to bring him/her home. And in doing so, I hope that my small voice in my small blog in my small town can perhaps raise at least a little awareness for the situation in the Congo.

So, here goes…



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