Next Step.

We received word yesterday that our homestudy is finished (we had a draft in our hands a few days ago, which we were able to edit and resubmit).  It was sent to our agency for review and we are told it will take about a week or so for them to look it over.  Provided that it is accepted, the next step will be to file an i600a, basically a form from immigration that gives us permission to bring an orphan to the United States.

While these periods of “waiting” in between all the paperwork are difficult (I like to feel as though I’m busy doing something and moving forward!), we try to fill our days with enjoying the present and educating ourselves for the future.  It is especially hard when our 3 year old–so anxious to be a big sister–asks, “Can we adopt our baby yet?”  Though we’ve read children’s books to her that explain adoption and she knows that she will be a big sister to a child from Africa one day soon, it is difficult to explain the process to her and I’m not sure how much of it makes sense in her mind.

We’ve continued to be overwhelmingly blessed with generous and kind loved ones who remind us of God’s power in our lives through their support, encouragement, and financial donations.  It helps bring us peace in a process filled with so many uncertainties.


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