Scramble for Ethiopia.

  A few weeks ago, Joel, another friend from Bozeman and I signed up to run a 15K relay with Encompass, a local adoption support group.  The race is called Scramble for Ethiopia, and raises money for Charity Water to help bring clean water to the children of Addis Ababa, Ethopia.  Encompass has helped bring over many orphans from Ethiopia to adoptive families in Bozeman, and they have been a wonderful local resource for our family as we embark upon our adoption journey.The … [Read more...]

Article in Montana Parent.

Today an article I wrote for a local parenting magazine was printed.  I've written many articles and one series for Montana Parent Magazine in the two years since we've lived here, mostly about music and the arts and how to introduce your child to them.  This article is much more personal and details our journey to international adoption.  I am feeling a little exposed right now, knowing that it is out there, but I also felt that our story was important to share.  Every person's road to adoption … [Read more...]

Number Three.

This beautiful e-mail sits on our fridge.  I stared at it with a huge smile on my face for several minutes last night before going to bed.We learned through a phone call from our agency yesterday that we are #3 on the waiting list.  However, there are some hold ups right now with the U.S. embassy at DRC, and things are backed up at the orphanage where our agency works (and many other orphanages as well).  There are some children there who were supposed to go home to their families in June, but … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Sibling.

One of the most fun and exciting parts of our journey so far has been telling our 3.5 year old (E) that she is going to be a big sister, and explaining what adoption is to her.We told her the day that we sent in our homestudy application.  We decided to do it very early on in the process since DRC adoptions are relatively quick, and because we learned that our social worker would want to make sure we were preparing her for the adoption process.  We explained to E that we would be adopting a baby … [Read more...]

Grant Applications.

One of the things we have been working away at while we wait to hear from our adoption agency regarding homestudy approval is grant applications.  All the grants we are applying for require copies of our homestudy, so once it is sent back to us and we collect the necessary reference letters, we'll be sending in our grant applications.  We wanted to get these applications in early on in the process so that we have a better idea of the overall financial picture of our adoption. Two of the … [Read more...]

Finding Joy in the Wait.

I knew the wait for the adoption to be complete would be difficult, but I had no idea how difficult.  Our second child is with me every moment of every day--always in my mind or heart in some way.  I am filled with worry and anxiety about what he/she might currently be suffering and about how soon it will be before this little person can come home to us.But last week as I sat together with my three year old on blanket at the farmer's market as we munched on fresh raspberries, I realized that the … [Read more...]