Grant Applications.

One of the things we have been working away at while we wait to hear from our adoption agency regarding homestudy approval is grant applications.  All the grants we are applying for require copies of our homestudy, so once it is sent back to us and we collect the necessary reference letters, we’ll be sending in our grant applications.  We wanted to get these applications in early on in the process so that we have a better idea of the overall financial picture of our adoption.

Two of the grants we are applying for are matching grants.  They would require us to compile a list of 50-100 possible donors, and send a letter to them detailing our adoption journey and the particulars of the grant.  They allow donors to make tax deductible donations through their websites, and then send the donations along with the matching portion of the grant (ones that I’ve seen awarded typically range between $2,000-$4,000 in matching funds) to the family’s agency.  The matching grants we are applying for are through Lifesong for Orphans and Hand in Hand.

For those considering adoption who are wondering more about the application process, there are a number of organizations who award grants and low or no interest adoption loans, each with their own set of requirements.  Some organizations only award to Christian and/or heterosexual couples.  Some only award to those who have already paid a certain portion of their adoption fees.  Most have some type of financial requirements–typically that you make less than $80,000/year and have less than $150,000 in assets in order to apply.  Some organizations give preference to families who have no children or are adopting multiple and/or special needs children.

The paperwork for these grants and loans is somewhat extensive (of course–is there any such adoption paperwork that isn’t extensive?!).  In addition to their application, most require a substantial amount of supporting documents.  For the Christian organizations, there are a number of “essay” type questions about your beliefs, your involvement at church, and a referral letter from a pastor.  All the grants we are applying for require our adoption testimony, and tax returns (1040) from the past one or two years.  Some grants require referral letters or references, a picture of your family, statements of net worth and monthly income and expenses, and a list of anticipated adoption expenses (some places want a signed copy of this from your agency).

While we of course hope and pray that we will be a recipient of grant money from one of these organizations, we also recognize that the expenses incurred with adopting mean that there are many families in need of financial assistance.  How wonderful that so many organizations exist to help adoptive families, and how wonderful that they have donors and supporters who make these loans and grants possible.  We continue to keep these organizations and the many adoptive families in need of support and encouragement in our prayers. – See more at:


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