Number Three.


This beautiful e-mail sits on our fridge.  I stared at it with a huge smile on my face for several minutes last night before going to bed.We learned through a phone call from our agency yesterday that we are #3 on the waiting list.  However, there are some hold ups right now with the U.S. embassy at DRC, and things are backed up at the orphanage where our agency works (and many other orphanages as well).  There are some children there who were supposed to go home to their families in June, but the children–and their families–are still waiting.  In the meantime, the orphanage hasn’t been able to take any new children since there isn’t any room.

Please keep these waiting children and families in your prayers.  Please keep our child and his birth familiy in your prayers.  Please keep our agency–who is sending an employee to DRC to meet with a diplomat to try to get things moving along–in your prayers.  Lots of things to pray for!

And lots to rejoice over, too.


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