Scramble for Ethiopia.



A few weeks ago, Joel, another friend from Bozeman and I signed up to run a 15K relay with Encompass, a local adoption support group.  The race is called Scramble for Ethiopia, and raises money for Charity Water to help bring clean water to the children of Addis Ababa, Ethopia.  Encompass has helped bring over many orphans from Ethiopia to adoptive families in Bozeman, and they have been a wonderful local resource for our family as we embark upon our adoption journey.The Orphan Care Director at Encompass, Tara Bradford, encouraged Joel and I to use the race as an opportunity to do some additional fundraising for our child’s adoption fund by collecting sponsors for our team.   Besides a post on Facebook, we didn’t advertise our fundraising endeavors too much, thinking we would start annoying our friends more adamantly for the September piano concert and if we have any future matching grant opportunities.

But then our amazing and awesome teammate found a matching grant opportunity for our 15K.  Verizon Wireless will match up to $1,000 that we raise through AdoptTogether.  Considering the race is August 18th, we must admit that we are feeling intimidated at the thought of attempting to raise that much money in such a short amount of time.  But then it occurred to us that if we could convince 100 people to sponsor our team by donating $10 on our profile at AdoptTogether, we would have raised $1,000.  With Verizon’s matching grant, we have the possibility to turn that $1,000 into $2,000.  Since we very close to receiving the referral of a child, which means that we are going to be owing our agency many thousands of dollars very soon, we are definitely feeling grateful to the Lord for His timing in this opportunity through Verizon!

We realize this economy means times are tough for everyone, and that many do not have expendable income right now.  If you are able to support us with your words of encouragement and your prayers, this means so much to us and we are very grateful to you for this support!  Adoption is a journey of many emotional ups and downs, and when friends let us know that they are thinking about us and praying for us, we feel strengthened and renewed by your words.

If you are able to sponsor our team for $10 through our website on AdoptTogether, we would also be so grateful to you for this support!  If you have read about international adoption either on this blog or elsewhere, you are probably aware that the cost to adopt an orphan from another country runs anywhere from $25,000-$35,000.  Every dollar that is donated helps us offset these expenses, and is something that we appreciate more than we can say.  You can CLICK HERE to visit our profile page and make a tax-deductible donation that will be matched by Verizon Wireless.

And if you’re local and want to run the race with us (I use the word “run” very loosely here, given that I “run” as fast as most people walk), we would love to have you join us for the event!  The registration is very inexpensive, the location is beautiful (Black Bull golf course), and what little you do pay to register goes to a great cause!  Clicking on the picture above will connect you to the race website to read more about the event and learn what great work Encompass is doing in Ethiopia.


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