These last couple days, we have made lots of progress in getting Baby Boy home, and in also ensuring his good care at the orphanage!

Yesterday we went to Helena and had our biometrics done.  We expect about a 4-6 week wait from here for our i600a to be complete.

When we arrived home from Helena, we had received a HUGE stack of contracts and our official referral for Baby Boy that we stayed up late reading.

Our agency sent out an emergency e-mail plea for formula at the orphanage, since there are currently several babies there.  They had a great response, and we and several other families sent money to the agency to purchase a type of American formula that they have had the best experience with (as in-not causing baby diahrea-which can result in a hospital stay).  Families are traveling next week to pick up their children from the DRC, and will be loading their carry-ons with this formula to take to the orphanage, which is currently down to three cans.

This morning, we had all our contracts signed and notarized, and got them in the mail along with our official referral acceptance and a check for almost half of our anticipated adoption expenses.  We also got the first part of our dossier documents off to our dossier specialist (vital records copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, and copies of our passports).

Now we will wait for our training materials and dossier instructions from our agency.

Our next big fee due is going to be the remainder of our country fee.  We’re going to put a fundraising thermometer to the side of this blog to track the progress we have in fundraising/saving for this fee.  We need to send it in the next 30-60 days to keep our adoption going forward.  We are so grateful that we have our piano concert coming up in a few weeks along with our new ongoing photography fundraiser.  We’re also hoping to hear back from some of the grants we applied for by the end of September, and we’re hoping and praying that it’s good news we hear!

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their desire to help us, who has been praying for Baby Boy, who has been sharing our fundraisers on Facebook, and who has been encouraging us along this journey  We are so grateful for every form of support that we have received.


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