A Little Brother.

Many people have asked how E reacted to the news of Baby Boy…

I must admit that when we received our referral, she did not have the sweet, endearing reaction I had imagined for the big sister who has long been begging for a sibling.  I think this may have had something to do with the fact that when we learned the news, Joel and I were openly weeping–which was probably quite confusing to her–and continued to be very weepy and emotional for the rest of the day.  I think it was probably also a case of realising, “I’m not the star anymore” as we had friends over to celebrate that evening.  While we were in the midst of a discussion about Baby Boy, she quietly took his referral picture into the hallway and slid it under Joel’s shoe.

Since referral day, however, she has expressed lots of excitement and concern for her baby brother.  When we showed her pictures of him in the orphanage, she asked if we could take her bulletin board off the wall and selected about twenty pictures of him to pin on it.  When she realized how little her baby brother is going to be, she asked if she could hold him and read to him when he comes home.  She’ll often be doing something and say, “Baby _____ is going to love swinging at the park with me when he comes home!” or “Baby ______ has to be a lot of years old before he can do this race with me.”

The other day, as we were picking up the toys in her playroom, I mentioned to her that we might have to put some of her little toys up high when Baby Boy comes home since he might try to put them into his mouth.  She immediately started throwing the toys in the trash can and then asked me to take out the trash because Baby Boy might try to pick them out of the trash and put them in his mouth.

One day as I was making lunch, I explained to her that Baby Boy’s orphanage doesn’t have a lot of food, and the kids there are very hungry and she exclaimed, “Well we have lots of food to share with him!”  Now whenever she’s eating a special treat, such as ice cream, she’ll say something such as, “Baby _____ is going to love this food in his tummy.”

At the farmer’s market on Saturday, she asked if she could pick out a blanket for him to sleep with.  She keeps asking if she can wrap it up and send it to him, but we’ve ben told anything we send to the orphanage will become “common property” and that we shouldn’t expect him to come home with anything we send.  So I’ve coaxed her into waiting until he comes home to give it to him.  Today in the car she sighed and said, “Mom, I wish I could hold _______ right now.”

When Joel said something to her today about how she has to get ready to be a big sister, she said, “But Dad, I already am a big sister.”  Well said, little one.


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