September’s Fundraising Efforts.

September has been a busy month for fundraising, in part because we had a matching grant from Hand in Hand and in part because the largest portion of our expenses were due. Here's a little recap... Bridger Pilates hosted a Give Life Benefit and donated 100% of the raffle proceeds to our matching grand at Hand in Hand. We raised $125 from their kindness and generosity! Stefan Stern played in a piano benefit concert last week, and together with the raffle ticket proceeds we raised almost … [Read more...]

Lots of Updates.

We have lots of news to share about Baby Boy, traveling and our fundraisers... Earlier this week Joel spoke with the DRC coordinator from our agency.  While we didn't get any photo updates like we were hoping, we did at least learn that Baby Boy is doing well, despite a bad diaper rash.  The volunteer who regularly visits the orphanage was able to obtain some diaper cream for him, and we also learned that he has a 2-year old friend who follows him everywhere and hovers around him when he's … [Read more...]

Sixteen Weeks.

So if you can't tell from this blog, adoption has me thinking a lot about God's timing.  And lately, I find myself thinking a lot about Baby Boy's birthday, perhaps because he is 16 weeks old today.Baby Boy was born on a Monday.  I have no idea and will never know what time of day it was.  I looked the date up in our family planner to try and get a feel for what we might have been doing that day.  We began our home study in the middle of May, and like a woman possessed, I got in all of our … [Read more...]

French Lessons and Friendship.

Today E and I started a Music Lingua class to learn some French words/music.  This was at the advice of a fellow adoptive mom/friend who adopted a toddler from South Korea, and said that she wished she had learned some Korean songs and phrases to help soothe her when she first came home.I am not sure how soothing Baby Boy is going to find my French.  Today in class I was reminded why--when Joel and I traveled to Paris five years ago--they hated me there: I completely butcher their language.  I'm … [Read more...]


We get asked a lot if we have any news. Not really. There's a familiy traveling right now to pick up their girls from Baby Boy's orphanage.  They have taken him formula that we sent, and we're hoping for some updated pictures.  We may or may not be obsessively checking our e-mail for said pictures. We've assembled our dossier docs and they are in the hands of our case worker, except for our i600a approval from USCIS which will likely come towards the middle or end of the month.  Hoping … [Read more...]

Consuming Thoughts.

For some strange, naive reason, I thought that after we received our referral and I saw the face of our child, I would start sleeping better at night. Boy was I wrong. These are some of the questions and thoughts that keep me up at night: What's Baby Boy doing right now?  Is he hungry? Is he crying?  Is he growing?  Is he healthy? What are the nannies like that are caring for him?  Do any of them have a really special bond with him?  Are any of the other little ones looking out for … [Read more...]

An Intimidating List.

'm officially out of my self-pitying funk from yesterday and ready to blog about much more interesting things! Last week we received an 89 page manual detailing the step by step process of DRC adoptions, travel, and re-adoption in the United States.  I have been anxiously awaiting this informtaion!  SO nice to finally have everything laid out for us, even if a lot of the information is very intimidating!  Right now we're in a "waiting" part of the process as we await i600a approval, which we … [Read more...]

Feeling Blue.

'm feeling a little bit blue today.  It's my birthday, and oddly enough, despite the many, many birthday wishes via Facebook, text, and phone calls, I feel a little lonely.After having E, I feel as though every holiday--even the little ones like Valentine's Day--has become more special because of her and the joy of being a mom.  Even though I still have that feeling of gratitude and fulfillment today, I feel as though a piece of my heart is missing.  It's over in the Congo.  It feels strange … [Read more...]