Feeling Blue.

‘m feeling a little bit blue today.  It’s my birthday, and oddly enough, despite the many, many birthday wishes via Facebook, text, and phone calls, I feel a little lonely.After having E, I feel as though every holiday–even the little ones like Valentine’s Day–has become more special because of her and the joy of being a mom.  Even though I still have that feeling of gratitude and fulfillment today, I feel as though a piece of my heart is missing.  It’s over in the Congo.  It feels strange celebrating a holiday when a member of your family is missing.

When I got up this morning, E brought me an empty gift bag from my wrapping paper cabinet for my birthday present.  She said it was for me to put all of Baby Boy’s clothes and toys in so I could go to Africa today and pick him up.  If only…

Baby Boy received some very special gifts from some very special people this week.  The first is this beautiful quilt:


This friend (and fellow adoptive Mama) found fabric from Africa to make it with  Isn’t it breathtaking?  (Confession: I sleep with it at night.)His full name is embroidered on one of the inside edges, and on the other edge is this:


The other gift is from a dear friend in Wisconsin.  She owns an amazing pottery studio, and shortly after we had E, she made all sorts of treasures for her with E’s footprints and thumb prints on them.  We received this beautiful treasure in the mail from them this past week.  Baby Boy’s referral picture is in the center of the cross, his full name on the left side of the cross, and the Bible verse inspiration for it on the right side of the cross.  (And no, it did not come with a stuffed moose attached to it.  I put that over the cross for the picture since I am not putting any pictures or publicizing his name on the blog at this time.)

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