An Intimidating List.

‘m officially out of my self-pitying funk from yesterday and ready to blog about much more interesting things!

Last week we received an 89 page manual detailing the step by step process of DRC adoptions, travel, and re-adoption in the United States.  I have been anxiously awaiting this informtaion!  SO nice to finally have everything laid out for us, even if a lot of the information is very intimidating!  Right now we’re in a “waiting” part of the process as we await i600a approval, which we are hoping will come sometime before the end of the month.

There was a lot of useful information about the history of the DRC and travel tips and advisories.  We’re still not sure which one of us will travel, but we’ve decided to both go through with the necessary vaccinations in case we change our minds or have a situation arise where it would be necessary for the other person to go when the time comes to book the flights.  Since we are saving about $2500 on the plane ticket (for the non-traveling parent), we figure we can shell out a couple hundred dollars for vaccinations to prevent any type of last minute delays.

In case you’re curious, here’s the list (from our manual) of things we will need to bring (a list which has Joel warming up to the idea of me going!):

      Diapers-Take along around 30 diapers and 200 wipes and ointment.  Plan on having some on hand for the first couple of days.  US diapers are more absorbent than the diapers in Congo.
      Baby Food and fruit juice
      Bottles-about four 8-ounce baby bottles, nipples, rings, caps, and a bottle brush.  The Playtex Disposable Nurser System is a great option if you want to avoid washing bottles (we do!).
      Clothing–2 outfits per day plus one or two that can be used chiefly as pajamas.
      Blankets–one or two baby blankets.  There are no cribs where we are staying so we will have to “improvise”.
      Toys-it will be a long stay and you want the baby to have something to occupy him.
      A diaper bag to carry all these things.
      Malaria Meds
      Antibiotics-Adult Strength
      Antibiotics-Children’s Strengthe\
      Medicine dropper/syringe
      Bulb syringe
      Saline nose drops
      Nystatin or Lotrimin Cream (for yeasty diaper rashes)
      Destin Cream or A & D ointment (for irritable diaper rashes)
      Elimite Cream (for scabies)
      Nix or Rid Shampoo (for lice)
      K-Y Jelly or Vaseline
      Rectal Thermometer
      Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol Syrup
      Benadryl or Dimetapp
      Children’s cough/cold medicine
      Hydrocortisone Cream
      Glycerin Suppositories
      Neosporin ointment
      Alcohol swabs
      Bug Spray-Deep Woods Off
      Bandages/sterile dressing
      Bandage scissors



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