We get asked a lot if we have any news.

Not really.

There’s a familiy traveling right now to pick up their girls from Baby Boy’s orphanage.  They have taken him formula that we sent, and we’re hoping for some updated pictures.  We may or may not be obsessively checking our e-mail for said pictures.

We’ve assembled our dossier docs and they are in the hands of our case worker, except for our i600a approval from USCIS which will likely come towards the middle or end of the month.  Hoping and praying it comes soon, and there aren’t any hold ups.

We’ve reached just over $1,000 of our matching grant contributions, and are hoping to earn the additional $3000 through photography fundraisers and the piano benefit concert.  Hoping and praying we are able to max out this grant so that we can keep the adoption moving along and not experience any hold ups.

We received a 207 page education manual from our agency today, which ought to keep us plenty busy for the next few weeks!  We’ll spend time each evening making our way through the chapters and answering the questions at the end of each chapter to turn into our agency for our file.

Those close to me surely must think I am a wreck these days.  I’m so worried about Baby Boy that I’ve been sleeping just 3-4 hours a night, so I’m unbelievably irritable and just plain tired.  I’ve taken on extra writing jobs and piano student this year to help with adoption finances, and that combined with the paperwork for our agency and the grants we’re applying for means that I’m exhausted, stressed and forgetful.  I’m aching for Baby Boy so much, and have been known to break down crying whenever someone asks me about him or whenever I see another baby at the grocery store who looks to be around his same age.

I know, I know, it’s pathetic.  There is so much to be grateful for.  I have a beautiful, wonderful little girl who is full of joy and loves life, and I am so grateful to be her mom.  I have another little Baby Boy whose mere existence is a miracle.  We received a grant–A HUGE grant–to help offset about a quarter of our adoption expenses.  And we have a gracious, wonderful, loving Father in heaven who is watching over all of us and has orchestrated everything so that our family can be together.


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