Sixteen Weeks.

So if you can’t tell from this blog, adoption has me thinking a lot about God’s timing.  And lately, I find myself thinking a lot about Baby Boy’s birthday, perhaps because he is 16 weeks old today.Baby Boy was born on a Monday.  I have no idea and will never know what time of day it was.  I looked the date up in our family planner to try and get a feel for what we might have been doing that day.  We began our home study in the middle of May, and like a woman possessed, I got in all of our documents to our home study agency within a couple of days.  Our home visit was June 2nd, followed by my studio’s piano recital.  No doubt I was exhausted come Monday, and probably feeling a bit despondent while we waited.  But it was probably a Monday about as typical as any Monday.

Except that it wasn’t.  All the way across the world, our son was being born.  On the same day that he came into the world, he lost everything.  But God was lining up a second family for him.  It was Him who lined up a different referral with a different agency for the person in the #1 spot with our agency, and knew that the #2 person wanted siblings so that Baby Boy could go to family #3–our family.  It was Him who allowed our appointments and clearances and visits with our home study agency to be done about as quickly as possible, and Him who connected us with the only agency that works at Baby Boy’s orphanage. It was Him that allowed us to get a spot in their program before their huge wait list began (they aren’t currently taking any new families).My most fervent prayer is that Baby Boy will be home before his next birthday.  Because I never want to miss another birthday.

Here is a little treasure we bought for his 16 week milestone from a fellow adoptive mama raising funds to bring home her two children from DRC.  (It typically has an absolutely beautiful picture of him in it, that a photographer friend took when she visited his orphanage as she was picking up her baby boy from another orphanage.)

Happy 16 weeks, Baby Boy.


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