September’s Fundraising Efforts.

September has been a busy month for fundraising, in part because we had a matching grant from Hand in Hand and in part because the largest portion of our expenses were due. Here’s a little recap…

Bridger Pilates hosted a Give Life Benefit and donated 100% of the raffle proceeds to our matching grand at Hand in Hand. We raised $125 from their kindness and generosity!

Stefan Stern played in a piano benefit concert last week, and together with the raffle ticket proceeds we raised almost $1600…phew!

Barbel Morton Photography donated her incredible gifts and endless energy and hosted FIVE photography sessions all over Bozeman. We raised a whopping $1,800 from this fundraiser.

Our friends and family from near and far donated beyond what we ever could have imagined to our matching grant with Hand and Hand. We continue to be amazed and grateful by the kindness they show us.

The one remaining fundraiser we have left for September is our virtual Norwex Party hosted by Heidi Maxwell (orders may still be placed through tomorrow) who graciously offered to donate 20% of orders to our matching grant.

What all this means, is that YOU have helped us raise enough to max out our grant with Hand in Hand.  We have raised $8,000 towards our adoption expenses.  How can we ever thank you, dear friends? We are blessed beyond words and please know that you have played such an integral part in uniting us with our son.

We’ll still leave our coffee and puzzle fundraiser up for anyone who would like to participate, but I’m hoping to leave the blog relatively fundraiser-free for the month of October (though I suppose if we receive another matching grant, that could change things!). Since receiving an additional grant from Family Outreach, we have a little bit of breathing room before the next big fees are due, an I’m hoping to return again to posts that are focused on the adoption process and raising awareness about the Congo, and I’m sure anyone who reads this blog is probably relieved to know that they will have a break from reading posts that are all about fundraising.  Thanks for bearing with me this past month, and supporting our family beyond what we could have ever imagined.


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