Five Months.

Baby Boy's five month gift (he'll be five months this Sunday) will actually be delivered to his orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo.It sort of takes my breath away.Someone that I connected with through Facebook is the soon-to-be-mom of Baby Boy's stand-in "big sister" at their orphanage, and she is flying in a couple of weeks to pick up her absolutely darling little girl. Many families send photo books via Snapfish or Shutterfly to their toddlers/preschool aged children through … [Read more...]

Fundraising is….

On the eve of our big week on Give1Save1 I've been reflecting a lot about fundraising and the big part it has been in our adoption journey. Here are my random musings... Fundraising is... Necessary: Unfortunately we didn't have the needed funds lying around in the bank when we began our adoption journey. It was incredibly scary to take the leap of faith and start the process, but with the encouragement of others who had fundraised for their adoptions, we accepted that this would be part of … [Read more...]


I absolutely adore my daughter. Our trip to Salt Lake with my mom this past week was very special. It was beyond wonderful to have some one on one time with E and to spend time doing girly things like having afternoon tea at the hotel. Things have been so busy around here, and I know I've been distracted and not the kind of mom I want to be. To be away from work responsibilities, adoption paperwork, computers, etc. and just focus on E and having a good time together was a huge blessing for both … [Read more...]


This week has been filled with a lot of ups and downs... I went with my mom and daughter to Salt Lake City for the week.  I've never been so desperately in need of a vacation.  I needed some time to relax and restore, some time to stop clicking "refresh" nonstop on my e-mail throughout the day, and just a break from all the lesson planning and article writing that has been so nonstop since the school year started. The evening of our second night in Salt Lake, I decided to plug in the … [Read more...]

Special Delivery.

E and I got some more formula off to Baby Boy today!  My sweet little brother gave me money for formula for my birthday this year, and when we learned our agency's DRC coordinator is going to be at Baby Boy's orphanage in the next week or two we made a hurried run to the grocery store so we could send it to her ASAP.  Thank you, Uncle Nicco! … [Read more...]

A Big Decision

Those of you who read this blog or have talked to us in person about our adoption know that one of the big decisions we have been wrestling with ever since we decided to adopt from the DRC is who would travel to the Congo to pick up Baby Boy. While we would both love to go together, we feel that for financial and personal reasons (our 3 year old daughter at home) it would be best for just one of us to travel. I think in many ways I felt the weight of this decision more than Joel. Even though … [Read more...]

Breaking Our Fundraising Promise…

Sorry....but we have another exciting announcement in the fundraising department....We are going to be the featured family the week of October 29th on Give1Save1! I'll post a little information about the whole amazing premise of the Give1Save1 community, but if you haven't heard of it, you simply must go to their blog.  It is awesome.  And you will need a box of tissues because I guarantee you will be crying the ugly cry as you watch those videos. … [Read more...]

One GIANT Step Forward.

Today Baby Boy is FOUR months old.  When I had E at this age I found myself thinking how quickly the time went.  I definitely don't feel that way this time around; in fact, it feels as though the days are going in slow motion. To celebrate his four month "birthday", I bought him these little shoe booties from a local artsy store.  Aren't they cute?  E helped me pick them out...we decided ones with Africa animals would be most appropriate. … [Read more...]

The Adoption Pregnancy.

The second article in my adoption series for Montana Parent came out yesterday.  You can CLICK HERE for a digital copy of the issue and find the article on page 73.We were anticipating photos and an update about Baby Boy this morning from DRC Adoption Services, but learned today that our contract never made it to them so they didn't have his information when they went to make their visit to his orphanage.  I had been super excited and checking my e-mail every five minutes for the last 24 hours … [Read more...]

He’s My Own.

This post has been brewing in my mind for awhile now, but I was unsure whether or not to put it out there.  I don't know if it's just the sheer exhaustion that has broken my will power or what, but here it is....When we first began our adoption journey and I scoured blogs, I read a lot of...well...blatantly offensive things that people would say to adoptive families.  I thought, "Surely these must be exaggerations." But....I don't think that anymore.  I think that some people harbor thoughts … [Read more...]