One GIANT Step Forward.


Today Baby Boy is FOUR months old.  When I had E at this age I found myself thinking how quickly the time went.  I definitely don’t feel that way this time around; in fact, it feels as though the days are going in slow motion. To celebrate his four month “birthday”, I bought him these little shoe booties from a local artsy store.  Aren’t they cute?  E helped me pick them out…we decided ones with Africa animals would be most appropriate.

We also received some exciting news this morning from our agency’s DRC coordinator. On September 28th, our adoption was granted at the court in Kinshasa. They issued our Judgement of Adoption along with Baby Boy’s birth certificate and Decree of Abandonment. These documents are all in French and we will receive the English version in the next few weeks. We are now in the 30 day wait where family is allowed to come forward and appeal the decision of the courts, and then we will be issued an Acte of Adoption. After that we can file our i600 and begin work with the Embassy.  Of course, I am trying to figure out our timeline and judging from others who have adopted with our agency in DRC and had a smooth process, I think we might be looking at the end of January/beginning of February…but that is if there are no other hold-ups.So, it was an extra special four month birthday for our baby today!


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