Fundraising is….

On the eve of our big week on Give1Save1 I’ve been reflecting a lot about fundraising and the big part it has been in our adoption journey. Here are my random musings…

Fundraising is…

Necessary: Unfortunately we didn’t have the needed funds lying around in the bank when we began our adoption journey. It was incredibly scary to take the leap of faith and start the process, but with the encouragement of others who had fundraised for their adoptions, we accepted that this would be part of our journey. When our referral came sooner than we ever dreamed, we had to step up our efforts. We’ve been blessed with matching grants along the way (at the exact moments that we’ve needed them–thank you God!). But it turns out that the only way to RECEIVE a matching grant is to actually RAISE the money for it.

Awkward: Shortly before our first fundraiser back in June (a garage sale) I posted about how fundraising is awkward.  And five months later…it still is. I hate posting events on my Facebook with fundraiser details. I cringe when I forward requests to our friends to sponsor our 15K team. It gives me serious anxiety and it kind of just stinks. But my son is in the Congo and I need to get him home…so…a mama’s got to do what a mama’s go to do (see above).

Exhausting: We’ve had sooooo many amazing people offer to help us when we haven’t even asked for it. A concert pianist, an incredible photographer, a massage therapist, etc. And while I didn’t have to edit the pictures, rehearse the music or drive to a stranger’s house to give them a massage, fundraising is still a lot of work. We’ve done two garage sales, a 15K, photography mini-sessions, a piano concert, coffee, and a Norwex party and you know what peeps?  I’m pooped. And because fundraising is awkward (see above) I tend to lose a lot of sleep surrounding these events because I get all nevous and anxious and worried about what people are thinking or saying about me behind my back. Another adoptive mama told me to “Walk in the fear of the Lord and not of man” when we began our fundraising. I’m working on it…but I still fear man a lot.

Wonderful: Bet you didn’t see that one coming after all my whining (see above). But it turns out that fundraising has been a huge blessing for us — and not just because we’ve been tremendously blessed with contributions from our community and family and friends that have helped us bring home Baby Boy. It’s been wonderful because our lives are forever changed not because of something I did — but because of something we did together. You’ve been a part of our journey and a part of saving the life of a little boy across the world. Maybe you’re a close friend, maybe you’re a friend from the past or maybe you’re someone I don’t know very well or at all, but you’ve been a part of giving our family hope and giving hope to a little boy in an orphanage all the way across the world.  How cool is that? And even though my heart goes to my throat and I feel uncomfortable and guilty whenever I see a new donation pop up on our Paypal account, it is a reminder to me of the many people God works through to accomplish His purpose. We are eternally grateful for you…and so is our baby boy across the world.

So all that said…here’s my (hopefully final) plea to you…

Tomorrow we’re going to be the featured family of the week on Give1Save1.  You’ll find our little video on Give1Save1’s blog. Can you help us get our video out there? Can you share it on your Facebook wall? Can you forward it to a few friends? Can you give a dollar or two?  We’ll keep you updated throughout the week how we’re doing and what our totals are, so do check back here and there.

We’re almost there…


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