Five Months.

Baby Boy’s five month gift (he’ll be five months this Sunday) will actually be delivered to his orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo.It sort of takes my breath away.Someone that I connected with through Facebook is the soon-to-be-mom of Baby Boy’s stand-in “big sister” at their orphanage, and she is flying in a couple of weeks to pick up her absolutely darling little girl. Many families send photo books via Snapfish or Shutterfly to their toddlers/preschool aged children through traveling families. The books usually show pictures of their family, home, bedroom and include some special “waiting for you” messages in it. But I realize that Baby Boy isn’t exactly at an age where he would appreciate such a photo book.

A friend suggested a “chewy” book that we could insert a few photos in, and I finally found one on Amazon!

1351628069 1351628031
While I realize that an older child is probably going to snatch it away, I like the idea of being able to send him a little something that he might get to enjoy if only for a few minutes, and I also like the idea of being able to tell him about this gift one day. It does my mama heart good to put something together for him, and E had a really fun time coloring a gigantic picture of dolphins for him. Even though I fully understand that he’s too little to understand/appreciate one of the photo books that the families of an older child might send, I wish there was some way to tell him we are coming for him, that he won’t be at the orphanage forever, that he has a family. Maybe in some way this feels like doing that, even if it’s not really…We also put together a few extra things for a couple of special people at the orphanage. We’re sending this book for his “big sister” as a keepsake for her to read after she gets home (hopefully her mom doesn’t think I’m some type of crazy stalker):

We’re also sending some sticker paper dolls for an older girl at the orphanage who is on my heart and mind a lot these days…Happy five months, Baby Boy!

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