What My Son Has Taught Me.

I look forward to Thursday mornings, and lately I LIVE for Thursday mornings.

That is because I get to have coffee with a bunch of other adoptive moms while our kids play together. It is such a blessing to have these moms — all in different stages of the adoption process — to chat with. The perspective of the moms who have had children home for awhile has been invaluable, and our leader is incredibly trained and experienced and provides so much help and encouragement.

This morning’s coffee time left me in a little bit of a panic (another post on that later…) but it also left me with words that I have been trying to form for awhile.

Our leader pointed out today that God would have taken care of her three adopted children regardless of where they ended up–whether if it was with her or in an orphange — but that He has grown her as a mom and a person and a Christian through the adoption process.

I’ve definitely seen this and felt it in my own life. When you’re adopting you get a lot of, “What a wonderful thing you’re doing” or “What a lucky baby”. And I certainly understand why people say/think that because I definitely said/thought those things to/about other adoptive families. But now that I’m in it my perspective has changed so much.

Let me try to explain what I mean a bit…

Our desire to adopt was to grow our family since we were not able to have a second child. We decided that we would also help a child from one of the most impoverished areas in the world. Kill two birds kind of a thing.

But then, God rocked my world and used this infant, this tiny little baby across the world that I have yet to spend a second with, to teach me so much more about life and faith and all the important stuff.

My son has taught me…

That God is all-powerful and in control. He loves my children even more than I do, and I have to find peace and comfort in that love.

That God has the ability to heal broken hearts.

-That there is poverty in the world beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

-A deeper understanding of God’s love for me.

How has this tiny little guy taught me all these things?

-I am constantly aware that I have a child and that he is in an orphanage in a third world country far, far away from me. I have had to completely entrust his care to others that God works through — even when he gets malaria and other crappy stuff.

I don’t completely understand God’s ways, but I can see now that the painful road to adoption was worth it. And my heart completely rejoices with the blessing of a son and I am in awe and gratitude for the way He brought us together.

In my desire to learn as much as possible about my baby’s birth country, I have read, watched movies, and seen pictures of the people of the Congo. It is unbelievable, and our lives are forever changed because of what we know.

-I am an adopted child of God. And if I can feel absolute, immeasurable, deep-in-my-heart love for this little boy that I have never met even though he isn’t actually “flesh of my flesh”, I have a better appreciation for how God feels about me.

If my five-month-old son has taught me all this already, imagine the things he is going to teach me when he’s home.

I can hardly wait to see what else I have to learn…


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