Orphan Sunday.

ou are the helper of the fatherless. LORD, you have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed.” -Psalm 10:14, 17-18

Today is Orphan Sunday. In the month of November, National Adoption/Orphan Awareness Month, Christian churches often use the first Sunday of the month to reflect on God’s call to defend the fatherless. Hundreds of events throughout the country are held with the goal of sharing God’s love for the orphan and to consider ways Christians can care for orphans around the world.

I had the privilege of sharing some pictures of Baby Boy’s orphanage with our congregation during Bible Study today. Our ladies group is using some humanitarian grant money we received to purchase supplies for Joel to bring to the orphanage when he travels to pick up Baby Boy. Today was a chance to share the heartbreaking history of the DRC, the stories of some of the children at the orphanage and the ways which we can help. It was a huge blessing for me to be able to share this information, because sometimes I feel as though my heart is going to burst for knowing it.

What brings you to this blog? Are you curious about adoption and want to know more? Are you considering adopting a child yourself? Do you have a heart for adoption and are trying to figure out how you can help the orphaned children of our world? I was where you are many times over the years. I am so thankful God opened our hearts and gave us the courage to take the plunge. I am thankful he has blessed us with friends, family, a congregation and a community that have a heart for the fatherless and a desire to help us on our journey.

I read this quote on a friend’s facebook wall today: “Adoption expands you, challenges you and fills you up until it overflows into every area of your life.” On this Orphan Sunday, my baby boy is five months old. I am so grateful for the son who has made my life more challenging, fuller and richer, and grateful to the God who used him to do that.

Please, you MUST read this fantastic blog post by an adoptive mom on this Orphan Sunday. And here is also a great video about adoption which I unsuccessfully tried to download to our blog so you’ll just have to CLICK HERE to watch it.

And please take a moment today to pray for the millions of orphans in our world, for the orphanage workers, the birth mothers, the adoptive families and those who are considering adoption.

Today is also our last day as the Give1Save1 family of the week. It has been a truly amazing week for so many reasons–reasons which I will share with you tomorrow when I post our totals.


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