Our week as the Give1Save family has officially ended. And what a week it has been.

It started off with our adoption being completed in DRC (we are waiting on some documents from the courts so we can file i600), and ended yesterday on the day that Baby Boy turns five months old/Orphan Sunday.

Every time we opened our e-mail and saw the donations coming through we felt overwhelmed with gratitude. We watched as contributions came in from complete strangers, close friends in the middle of their own adoption process, church members who have already given so much, and friends we haven’t seen/talked to since high school.

I realized throughout the week that Give1Save1 is such a gift, and not just because of the tremendous way it helped us raise funds to bring home Baby Boy, but also because through Give1Save1 our family spent a week in humble gratitude as we watched the donations roll in. We spent a week with our hearts overflowing with love and thanksgiving for all of YOU as we watched our video being shared and the donations that came as a result. What a completely awesome gift.

And if I haven’t already asked enough of you, I have one more favor to ask. Can you give $1 every week? Not for us….but for the Give1Save1 family that is promoted each week. Subscribe to the blog, watch the video, and give a dollar. One teeny tiny dollar. That’s just $52 a year. I have to admit that giving my $1 each week for the past few months didn’t feel as though I was doing much, but after being on the receiving end of that dollar I can see that those dollars add up into an enormous gift, and that watching dollars come in from all over the country and being able to witness God’s love in action is an even more enormous gift.

Here is a little thank you message from us, along with our totals from the week. Thank you to you all. We love you.


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