Acte, Prayers and Milk.

We received our Acte of Adoption late last night, though it had been issued November 19th. I was really excited, but apparently we also need translations and a passport before we can file our i600…so we are now waiting for those. We are hoping to have all the documents in the next week so that we can take the next step. Please pray that these documents come quickly!We had a wonderful interview Monday night for a grant with Katelyn’s Fund. Their board called us to do a phone interview and asked us a few different questions about our journey to adopt and how we can see God’s hand in our adoption. It was a real blessing to be able to reflect on those things with fellow Christians. They asked us for specific things they can pray for, and then prayed with us over the phone. They prayed that our adoption will go quickly and that God will give us peace as we wait. They prayed that God will give E patience and grow her through this process, and that He will do great things through Baby Boy. They prayed for the conflict in Eastern Congo and also for Sevarine and her family, who are being separated as she is matched with a family and her younger siblings are not. It gave me a lot of peace to know that others are praying for these specific things.

We also had a special delivery yesterday — over 300 bottles of breastmilk for Baby Boy from a wonderful friend.  I think the new freezer we bought just paid for itself — a few times over:


Since Baby Boy has had malaria and since he is likely a premie and very small, he is at high risk for developing respiratory problems — something which breastmilk helps prevent. And since this friend doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, the milk will be easier for his little tummy to digest than formula.What an amazing gift!


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