Becoming a Transracial Family.

Early on in our adoption process, we took an online course called "Becoming a Conspicuous Family." It sort of forced me to come to terms with the fact that, well, everyone in our world is pretty much white. Like...everyone. I'm not just talking our inner circle of friends, but everyone on the fringe, too -- our pediatrician, our librarian, our dentist, baby-sitters and swim lesson instructor.I tried to imagine what this would feel like for a child coming into our family, and realized I can't … [Read more...]

Christmas Blessings.

Just wanted to take a moment to wish your family a merry Christmas from our family. We've been having a nice week with my brother in town from the East Coast. If ever there were two kindred spirits, it's Yaya and her uncle: … [Read more...]

The Plan.

So I'm reading this awesome (at least so far) book called 7: An Experimental Mutiny against Excess by Jen Hatmaker, my hero. The book chronicles Jen's spiritual journey as she identifies seven areas of excess and makes seven choices to fight against each excess for one month. It's really something to read, and inspiring me to perhaps try a little experiment like this of my own one day.During one of the months, Jen talks about going back to the Jen of 2004 to tell her a few things -- things like … [Read more...]

Celebrating Mommyhood.

With the fundraising, grant paperwork, and majority of the adoption paperwork out of the way, I'm allowing the feeling to sink in... He's going to be home soon. I'm going to be the mom of two. My daughter will have a brother. My son will have a sister. … [Read more...]

Yaya’s World.

One of the most awesome things about this adoption is to see the way it has expanded our 3-year-old daughter's world.She knows all about Africa. She can find it on a map. She can even find Congo on a map. She knows about orphanages, and she knows what it means to be an orphan. She asks to see pictures of the children of Congo. She knows about Lingala and she knows a little French so that she can sing to her little brother when he comes home.She thinks every black person is from Congo. Every. … [Read more...]

Random Christmas Musings.

I love getting ready for Christmas. I love getting our Christmas tree in the Montana mountains, I love making and eating peanut butter cups (though I don't love what they do to my thighs) and I love having quiet devotions over an Advent wreath in the evenings. This year, I've tried to make our gifts for friends and family a bit more meaningful. We've tried to find gifts with a "cause". In light of the recent events of Goma, pretty much everyone we give to will be getting a little Congo … [Read more...]

Funding Adoption.

Want to hear something crazy? Nine months ago, my husband and I decided to adopt. We had no money saved for a journey that we were told would be about $30,000 (and is actually going to end up being more than that...). We had just bought our first house a few months prior and used most of our savings up for our down payment. We both make modest incomes -- Joel as a pastor and me as a very, very part-time piano teacher. Some might have called our decision reckless or foolish (I'm sure, in … [Read more...]


We did it!  We filed our i600!  Yes, I am a dork and took a picture (and made my 3 year old be in it since I hadn't -- haven't -- showered yet today). And yes, I paid $92 to have it overnighted and delivered at 8 am tomorrow morning. There are very few things in the adoption process that we have control over, and since this is one of them, I wanted to make sure we didn't lose a single moment.A case of formula should be delivered to Baby Boy's orphanage in the next day or two as some friends are … [Read more...]

Six Months.

Baby Boy is six months old (it's eight hours ahead in DRC, and therefore December 4th). Each month that we are away and I know he is "officially" one month older sort of breaks my heart. I have been hoping and praying that he would be home by the time he was eight months old, but that seems less and less likely with the delays we are experiencing in our paperwork.For his six month "birthday", I decided to get one of those recordable story books that you read as it records your voice, and then … [Read more...]

Supporting a Friend Through the Adoption Process.

My latest article in the adoption series I'm writing for Montana Parent came out yesterday (click here and flip to page 82, if you're interested). This time, I wrote about being a support to someone when she is going through the adoption process -- something that I felt I was able to write about since we have had so many awesome and supportive and encouraging friends through this process (okay, and some super offensive people, but thankfully they are fewer and farther between!).  So -- thank you … [Read more...]