Supporting a Friend Through the Adoption Process.


My latest article in the adoption series I’m writing for Montana Parent came out yesterday (click here and flip to page 82, if you’re interested). This time, I wrote about being a support to someone when she is going through the adoption process — something that I felt I was able to write about since we have had so many awesome and supportive and encouraging friends through this process (okay, and some super offensive people, but thankfully they are fewer and farther between!).  So — thank you friends, for your encouragement, your prayers, your e-mails and your cards that let us know you care. They mean so much to us!This is the last article I’ll be writing until after Baby Boy comes home — then I’ll be digging into the wonderful world of attachment and adjustment as an adoptive family.

Our goods for Sevarine and Baby Boy were delivered to their orphanage this past week. We were told, by my friend who delivered them, that Baby Boy is one tiny little peanut and very adorable. She has pictures and videos for us, and since we have yet to see a video of him, we are anxiously awaiting these treasures! I can hardly wait for E to see her Baby Brother with the picture she colored for him. It will be an awesome moment.

Hopefully the next time you tune into this blog I will be telling you that we have filed our i600–awaiting passport and translations but have the forms and paperwork all done and ready to go!


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