Six Months.

Baby Boy is six months old (it’s eight hours ahead in DRC, and therefore December 4th). Each month that we are away and I know he is “officially” one month older sort of breaks my heart. I have been hoping and praying that he would be home by the time he was eight months old, but that seems less and less likely with the delays we are experiencing in our paperwork.For his six month “birthday”, I decided to get one of those recordable story books that you read as it records your voice, and then can play back by just turning the pages. I thought Joel could take it with him to Congo and turn the pages for him while they’re killing time at St. Anne’s — helping Baby Boy to get used to the sound of my voice, too. Since E’s started reading a little bit on her own the past few months, I thought it would be something fun for her to participate in, too. She picked this book:


Joel finds it disturbing that the Mom comes in every night to rock her teenage son, but this is one of my/E’s favorite books and I sort of can’t get through it without sobbing. Here’s a few pictures of Yaya reading to her brother:

She is pretty proud of it. I wanted to wrap it and put it under the tree for him for Christmas, but she doesn’t want me to because she wants to show it to everyone. Every piano student that walked through the door today was met by E standing there with her book held open and an audio-recording of our voices.  I’m pretty sure they thought it was creepy.I also just have to share the awesome picture below.  My friend who just picked up her little girl in Kinshasa delivered the book we made him on his 5-month “birthday” and was kind enough to send us pictures and even a VIDEO — our first video of our little guy in action.  It is such a treasure, but it really hurts my heart to see him because I just want to HOLD HIM.  I just want him to know he has a family. Anyways, she said on the video that he is a great sleeper and as cute as can be. He was sucking his thumb again, and turning all around.  He is so precious. Here he is with our book and the picture Yaya colored for him:


Update this morning (12/4): Yaya was SO excited to see the videos of her brother — we watched them half a dozen times each in bed on my iPod. Here are a few of her comments:“Mommy, he moves!!”
“Is he gonna move like that when he comes home?!”
“I love baby boys.”
“Oh, he likes the dolphins I colored for him.”
“Look at his feet!”
“I love him



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