We did it!  We filed our i600!  Yes, I am a dork and took a picture (and made my 3 year old be in it since I hadn’t — haven’t — showered yet today). And yes, I paid $92 to have it overnighted and delivered at 8 am tomorrow morning. There are very few things in the adoption process that we have control over, and since this is one of them, I wanted to make sure we didn’t lose a single moment.A case of formula should be delivered to Baby Boy’s orphanage in the next day or two as some friends are traveling to file their i600 in country and hopefully come home with their two children before Christmas. We sent them formula and diaper cream (merry Christmas, Baby Boy!), and they promised to love on him for us and take some pictures.We now anxiously await our i600 approval. This is our last “big” wait in the adoption process, so we are one GIANT step closer to bringing Baby Boy home. We would appreciate prayers for a quick and timely approval!  Once we have our approval in hand, Baby Boy will be “interviewed” at the embassy in Kinshasa, and then we will apply for visas….and then…TRAVEL!!


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