Random Christmas Musings.

I love getting ready for Christmas. I love getting our Christmas tree in the Montana mountains, I love making and eating peanut butter cups (though I don’t love what they do to my thighs) and I love having quiet devotions over an Advent wreath in the evenings. This year, I’ve tried to make our gifts for friends and family a bit more meaningful. We’ve tried to find gifts with a “cause”. In light of the recent events of Goma, pretty much everyone we give to will be getting a little Congo cocoa:

We bought my mom a painting made by another adoptive mom who is using the funds to pay off the expenses for their Ethiopian adoption. We also did a lot of Just Love Coffee to support some fellow Congo adoptive families we’ve connected with through Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong — while I had grand plans that every gift we gave this year would somehow be “giving back”, Baby Boy’s stocking will be filled with toys to entertain and stimulate him on the airplane and Yaya wanted Tinker Toys from Santa (yes, I realize I am the heathen pastor’s wife that teaches her child about Santa, the anti-christ who steals the real meaning of Christmas–but seriously, look at the awesome picture of her giving Santa the cold shoulder below. I mean, come on. I need this.)

Here’s also a few other ways you can “give back” this Christmas through our blog:We’ve decided that since we’re saving about $3,000 by me not traveling to Congo, we can fork over the $200 for the third suitcase. So, that means more room for donations.  We’ve pretty much filled our first suitcase and a half with blankets, clothes, stickers, art supplies and mini teddy bears for the orphanage donated by the good ladies of our congregation. We’re hoping to stock up on formula for the orphanage since we often get urgent please from our agency for this kind of thing, but we’re also leaving some room for something very important….

We are in the process of putting together a little Bible story book with the help of the Sunday School class at our church. We are currently working with a missionary in Kinshasa to translate the books into Lingala, and then we will be making them available for purchase on Blurb. (Once I have everything uploaded and published, I’ll put more information out there for other adoptive families who would like to purchase and deliver to their children’s orphanages when they travel.)  Would you like to sponsor a Bible story book for the children of DRC?  There are currently about 30 children at our son’s orphanage.  We would love to be able to take about 15 of these books to the orphanage.  If you would like to sponsor a Bible story book, please make a donation through our blog on Paypal and put “Bible Story Book” in the note to seller.  A donation of $13 should cover the book and shipping.

Even though Christmas is distracting me, I”ll be perfectly honest — in some ways I also become more aware of our missing family member. With every ornament I hang, every gift I wrap and every Christmas song I sing, I am thinking of Baby Boy and am perfectly aware that we won’t share his first Christmas together and there is a strange sort of melancholy in that.



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