Yaya’s World.

One of the most awesome things about this adoption is to see the way it has expanded our 3-year-old daughter’s world.

She knows all about Africa. She can find it on a map. She can even find Congo on a map. 

She knows about orphanages, and she knows what it means to be an orphan. She asks to see pictures of the children of Congo. She knows about Lingala and she knows a little French so that she can sing to her little brother when he comes home.

She thinks every black person is from Congo. Every. Single. One.

She knows about tummy babies and babies who grow in our hearts.
Some of her weekly playmates are Ethiopian. Straight up Ethiopian. (She thinks they’re from Congo.)

A year ago, she had a baby growing in her tummy. She wanted a sibling so badly and I couldn’t give it to her. She watched as her friends mamas got pregnant at the drop of a hat and she watced their tummies grow and their babes be born. She watched her friends become big brothers and big sisters. For some reason, that baby in her tummy was never ready to hatch. “It’s not ready, Mom.”

Fast forward twelve months. Now, she is adopting a baby from “Longo”. “Longo” is also in Africa and apparently a lot like the Congo and people there speak a different language, too. Her baby is going to be the same age as my baby and we can take turns holding each other’s babies when they come home from Congo and Longo. 

When she grows up, she wants to have tummy babies AND adopt babies.

Because, to my little one, that is how you make a family. 


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