Celebrating Mommyhood.

With the fundraising, grant paperwork, and majority of the adoption paperwork out of the way, I’m allowing the feeling to sink in…

He’s going to be home soon.

I’m going to be the mom of two.

My daughter will have a brother.

My son will have a sister.

This is something I’ve spent the last three years praying for/fighting for, and it is finally a near reality. I am so happy.

We saw a new picture of Baby Boy last week and for the first time — he looked truly healthy. Chubby, even. He is holding his head up and seems more aware. He looks less like a newborn. I missed it all. But I am glad that he is healthier. Our friends who picked up their kids at the orphanage last week said he is happy and sweet, and that he is even giggling now. They have a video of him giggling that they are going to send. I can hardly wait to hear the sound of his laugh.

A couple of awesome friends hosted a little “sprinkle” for me this past weekend. Baby Boy now has a few toys, lots of very stylin’ clothes and even some hair care product (thank goodness — I had no idea where to begin on that one!).

One of the benefits of having a husband who works at home is that I’m able to sneak out during Yaya’s nap and go for a quick ski on the trails by our house. I love not only the exercise but the time of peace and reflection that it gives me. I think a lot about our journey. I think a lot about the way our lives have been so enriched through adoption. I think about the people of the Congo, I think about the amazing friendships that have developed and the friendships that have deepened through this process. I ski past the neighborhood playground and envision Baby Boy and Yaya playing together there this summer, or running through the sprinklers on the walk to our mailbox .

It’s almost here…


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