A Laugh.

In light of my "woe-is-me" post last night, let's all have a good laugh at my expense, shall we?So remember at the beginning of the month when I said that I had signed up for a Nordic 5K in order to distract myself from the whole business of waiting? That took place this past Saturday up at a cross-country ranch about a half hour from our house. I don't want to spoil the ending just yet, but I think this picture should give you a hint of what went down:   … [Read more...]


Confession: I'm having a really hard time. These last few weeks have felt like an eternity and even though everyone is constantly being optimistic and reminding me that February 6th is so close, it really doesn't feel very close. I think I'm in a little bit of mourning that Joel won't be in Congo during that date and that we have absolutely no clue if he will even be in Congo during the month of February at all. I knew when we entered this process that international adoption is very uncertain … [Read more...]


Well we have begun to pack for real now. When we were still hoping for January travel about a month ago, we started setting things aside so we could get an idea of how much room we have/need, but now we've purchased the vacuum bags and begun packing in earnest. No idea if travel will happen two weeks or five weeks from now, but there's SO MUCH to think through and assemble with a trip to Africa...Our first order of business has been getting together the orphanage donations. They ask us to pack a … [Read more...]


So I have a little confession that may offend some adoptive mamas out there...which I really hope it doesn't but I'm just going to throw it out there anyways. There's this term out there for the day a family is united with their adopted child -- "Gotcha Day". The thing is...I've never really liked it. I never really gave it a second thought when I would hear it before we began this process, but now that we're in it and nearing "THE DAY" I've been realizing I kind of have an aversion to it. … [Read more...]

Consulate and Cupcakes.

We have anxiously been awaiting news about Baby Boy's embassy appointment, and learned yesterday that the consulate's office is closed all week. Then this morning, we learned they're also closed on Monday. So the earliest we would hear anything would be Tuesday. This basically adds another week onto our timeline since we received our i600 approval this past Monday and haven't been able to really do much about it. I know it's just a week, but now that we are so close a delay of even a few days is … [Read more...]

Masola ya Bible.

At long last -- our Lingala Bible Storybook is complete!  Thanks to the help of a wonderful woman and missionary's wife in Kinshasa, we were able to translate simple Bible stories with Gospel messages into Lingala, the language of the children in the Kinshasa orphanages. We obtained free domain pictures from our church's publishing company that our Sunday School enjoyed coloring, and here you can see the finished result!Would you like to help us infiltrate the orphanages of Kinshasa with the … [Read more...]

Seven Months.

Baby Boy is seven months old today.  Hoping and praying this is the last month that we are without him, and that he'll be in our arms -- or at least my husband's arms in Congo -- by the time he is eight months old. For Baby Boy's seven month "birthday", we've put some of the finishing touches on Baby Boy's nursery, and added his "mark" to a few other spots in our house.Here's a few pictures from the nursery. Our bedroom is on a different floor of the house as our kids, and based on what we've … [Read more...]


Happy New Year! Our household is very excited for 2013 and praying that it won't be much further into the year that we are united with our son and become a family of four!Christmas was a wonderful distraction to our wait. It's not that it made the time go by more quickly or made it less difficult, but it was something to look forward to and busy myself with, and now that it is over, I'm getting a little stir crazy again. So last week, I decided I needed some January distractions -- which … [Read more...]