Happy New Year! Our household is very excited for 2013 and praying that it won’t be much further into the year that we are united with our son and become a family of four!Christmas was a wonderful distraction to our wait. It’s not that it made the time go by more quickly or made it less difficult, but it was something to look forward to and busy myself with, and now that it is over, I’m getting a little stir crazy again.

So last week, I decided I needed some January distractions — which aren’t easy, since there’s not really any holidays in January and since it’s winter and all that. I’m plenty busy with adoption stuff, teaching piano, nesting, etc. but I need something to look forward to and work towards to get through the month. So, I decided to sign up for a Nordic 5K the last weekend in January and plan a ski “outing” every weekend until then to train and just have fun — something to look forward to.

So today, we spent the day skiing in Yellowstone. I really believe there are few things as beautiful as Yellowstone in winter:


We bought this little contraption (and it’s a double!) for Yaya when we first moved to Montana a few years ago. The ski attachment is a favorite of ours:
It was a fun day, and we often found the conversation drifting to Baby Boy being home with us in a short time. Yaya even chimed in with, “I wonder what language he’s going to speak when he grows up?” I often found myself wondering how he would react to being dragged around in the snow with more clothes than he’s ever worn in his life, and being strapped in a strange contraption to boot. We soon shall see….

Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 brings you many blessings!

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