Seven Months.

Baby Boy is seven months old today.  Hoping and praying this is the last month that we are without him, and that he’ll be in our arms — or at least my husband’s arms in Congo — by the time he is eight months old. For Baby Boy’s seven month “birthday”, we’ve put some of the finishing touches on Baby Boy’s nursery, and added his “mark” to a few other spots in our house.Here’s a few pictures from the nursery. Our bedroom is on a different floor of the house as our kids, and based on what we’ve read about attachment and parenting children who’ve come from an orphanage, we’ve decided to “move in” to the nursery together until Baby Boy moves to a bed and can share a room with Yaya:
There wasn’t too much to do with the nursery, since we didn’t find out what we were having when I was pregnant with Yaya so pretty much all the nursery bedding is neutral and can now be used again (yay!). But we did buy a satin crib sheet so his hair won’t break when it rubs against the sheet, and we did purchase a few other “African” touches for the room.

We ordered some matching Winnie the Pooh letters so that his name will now be in the playroom with his sister’s:
And we added a hook for him in our mudroom (do you like Yaya’s “E”?)

Things are moving forward. We sent in a notarized affidavit a couple of days ago since our DRC coordinator is in country and will be taking him for his final medical in the next couple of days. The consulate needs it before he’ll issue his visa at the interview — one of our final steps before travel. The affidavit basically says that we agree to have him vaccinated for certain things within 30 days of him coming to the U.S. I happily signed it — I’m not bringing my baby home from a third world country only to have him contract measles! I also sent an e-mail to our case worker for the i600 to find out what the status is and may or may not be anxiously checking my e-mail to see if we’ve heard back yet…and I may or may not have put a bug in her ear about his repeated bouts with malaria…Happy 7 months, Baby Boy.

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