Masola ya Bible.


At long last — our Lingala Bible Storybook is complete!  Thanks to the help of a wonderful woman and missionary’s wife in Kinshasa, we were able to translate simple Bible stories with Gospel messages into Lingala, the language of the children in the Kinshasa orphanages. We obtained free domain pictures from our church’s publishing company that our Sunday School enjoyed coloring, and here you can see the finished result!Would you like to help us infiltrate the orphanages of Kinshasa with the gospel message? We were able to order four books today, thanks to the donation of a dear Wisconsin friend. We hope to order 7-8 more with our Sunday School offerings and grant money from our church’s ladies group this week. We would love to be able to bring over about 15-20 books total.We’ve also made this book “public” so that other adoptive families traveling to Congo have the option to order copies for themselves and stuff their suitcases. Please click the image if you would like to order any!

We pray this book will be an eternal blessing to the children of the DRC. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.


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