Consulate and Cupcakes.

We have anxiously been awaiting news about Baby Boy’s embassy appointment, and learned yesterday that the consulate’s office is closed all week. Then this morning, we learned they’re also closed on Monday. So the earliest we would hear anything would be Tuesday. This basically adds another week onto our timeline since we received our i600 approval this past Monday and haven’t been able to really do much about it. I know it’s just a week, but now that we are so close a delay of even a few days is frustrating and heart-breaking for us. We are praying that we will have good news from the consulate and that Baby Boy’s embassy interview will happen very soon, and if it doesn’t, that God will give us peace with His plan.

One event that I’m really excited for in February (besides my daughter’s birthday and HOPEFULLY Baby Boy’s homecoming) is a Cupcake Kids bake sale. I read about this group a few weeks ago on Give1Save1, and loved the premise of it. It is a way for kids to get involved in advocating for orphans by hosting cupcake sales to raise money for Sixty Feet.  Sixty Feet is an organization doing AWESOME work with imprisoned children in Uganda, bringing them food, health care and — most importantly — Bibles!!  I talked to our adoption group leader about recruiting some kids do a cupcake sale, and within a couple of hours she found an opportunity for it (one of the many reasons I love this woman — she just gets it done, whatever “it” may be!).

February 15 at 7 pm, Encompass (my adoption group) was able to secure the opportunity to have a screening of the film Somewhere Between. This movie examines transracial adoption from the perspective of four adopted Chinese teens. Encompass will be allowing adoptive families to set up fundraising booths to raise money for their adoptions by selling food, crafts, etc. an hour before the movie begins (6 pm). Since we [hope] we’re done fundraising for our adoption, we’ll be setting up our cupcake stand before the show to raise money for Sixty Feet. We’ve had quite the group of kids volunteer to bake cupcakes, and we’ll have some teens who are coming for the movie to “man” the booth. So…if you’re local, do consider stopping by to sponsor some adoptive families, the imprisoned children of Uganda AND enjoy a night out with your spouse. If you’re not local, you can buy a “virtual” cupcake from our online store for whatever price you would like!




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