A Laugh.

In light of my “woe-is-me” post last night, let’s all have a good laugh at my expense, shall we?So remember at the beginning of the month when I said that I had signed up for a Nordic 5K in order to distract myself from the whole business of waiting?

That took place this past Saturday up at a cross-country ranch about a half hour from our house. I don’t want to spoil the ending just yet, but I think this picture should give you a hint of what went down:


So you see all those spandex clad people in red and black (those were their ski team uniforms)?  Then do you notice the girl in the back in the bulky snow pants and ridiculous amount of layers?  Yeah, I’m that girl. And by the time the race was over (and it was practically fifty degrees by that time, because it took me so long to complete that the sun actually came out by then) I was dripping in sweat. Who goes nordic skiing in fifty degrees with long underwear on? Seriously?! I knew I was in trouble when I got out of the car and heard all these European accents and people warming up. On the track. (I warmed up, too. In the car with the heat on.)Here’s the reason I went ahead with the whole thing:

3731482_orig 1341375_orig
Yaya was cheering me on proudly and I wanted her to see that there’s joy and pride in completing a race…and that it’s okay to laugh at yourself.Which you pretty much have to do when this happens:


Seriously, when we started that group flew into the distance. I mean FLEW. I’m pretty sure I got lost at some point on the course and repeated a loop twice, which is not what you want to do when you’re clad in long underwear in 50 degrees.But I finished. And had the company of the 10K racers to cross the finish line with (can you believe I almost signed up for the 10K? Can you even imagine?!):


Did you happen to notice my bib number?

Oh, the irony…

– See more at: http://www.africatoamerica.org/2/archives/01-2013/1.html#sthash.y16BDEys.dpuf



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