Malaria, Part 3.

Yesterday we received another whopper of a hospital bill from our agency. I was confused, thinking we were finally squared away with all our Congo hospital bills, and e-mailed our agency to inquire. Apparently, Baby Boy had to visit the ER earlier in January due to yet another battle with malaria. This one only lasted a couple of days and wasn’t as serious as his bout in November, but it is always upsetting to me. Typically we have always been notified when he’s in the hospital, but because our coordinator was so busy with so many kids in the hospital, we slipped through the cracks. Oddly enough, I have been thinking about his illnesses a lot this past week when Yaya was down with a bad bout of flu. She pretty much spent the entire week in my arms, and my heart kept hurting for Baby Boy, who has been much, much sicker and not had his mama there to hold and comfort him.

Praying he’ll be home before any more sicknesses come his way. Our agency echoed those sentiments in an e-mail this morning, also saying that Baby Boy is a child who would have died had he not come to the orphanage.

Joel filed his visa yesterday, so we are on the home stretch!


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