One Last Document and Reflections.

Our agency delivered an original copy of the final document needed to complete Baby Boy’s investigation at the embassy. They were closed yesterday, so it was delivered first thing this morning. We are going to wait until middle-of-the-night Wednesday to call and ask if there are any updates, so please pray for good news for us!

Since I don’t have much in the way of exciting updates today, I thought I would share some stuff I’ve been thinking about lately…

Today at the post office there was a mama there with a young toddler who was frantically sorting through a binder and had this familiar panic to her face as she was assembling things into an envelope. I immediately thought to myself, “That’s a paper pregnant mama if I ever saw one…” and got a little nosey, so I glanced down at her envelope and saw it was for an adoption agency I”m familiar with. I asked her where she was adopting from, and she said Congo. Needless to say, a lot of excitement and discussion ensued.

Would you believe that Baby Boy is going to be the first of a dozen Congolese kids brought to our small town in Montana in the year ahead? In 2010, our family moved here from Wisconsin when my husband accepted a call to serve as pastor of the church here. We’ve been unbelievably happy and love it here for thousands of reasons I won’t bore you with, but I continually marvel that we were brought to a town with such an amazing adoption support system that we would need a couple of years later, and a town where our Congolese-American son will have many Congolese-American friends — some from his same orphanage. I mean, is that a God thing or what?

Another cool “God thing” I want to share is something I think about a lot, because the wallpaper in our bathroom reminds me of it.

When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, we hired someone to wallpaper the bathroom (if you’ve seen any attempt of mine at any type of art project, you will understand why this was not a frivilous expenditure). I sat and visited with her for awhile as she laid out the paper rolls, and she mentioned that she had two domestically adopted sons. I began to inquire about her adoption, suspecting by that time that something was not right with my own fertility, but also worrying that adoption was scary and expensive. Before I knew it, we were sitting on the floor together and discussing the intimate details of fertility tests, birth moms and adoption expenses.

I wasn’t ready to go there yet….to the whole adoption world…but I did e-mail her a few days later and asked her for the name of her social worker. When we began exploring adoption more seriously a couple of months later, they were the first group we called. And even though we didn’t end up using them for our home study since we used the home study provider of our placement agency, the kind social worker answered so many of my initial questions during a time when I was tentative and overwhelmed (I”m still overwhelmed, just not tentative). She was also the first one to suggest Congo to us as a place that she thought would be a good fit. Once we learned about Congo, we never looked back.

I e-mailed the mom who did our wallpaper a couple of months ago to thank her for opening the doors for us. I let her know that we had a son in Congo. She was really happy for us and happy to hear of her hand in it. Even though adoption involves so much grief and loss and ugly, there are also so many beautiful things too — beautiful, breathtaking ways which God puts the pieces back together to remind us of his redeeming love.


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