Airport: Part One.


These last couple of days have been a beautiful whirlwind.Let me begin by just saying that we have the most amazing friends. One of my adoption sista’s dropped off this awesome mom and sister survival kit for the week. What is not pictured is all the toys she brought for Yaya, because Yaya was already busy playing with them in her bedroom. (And yes, I love Nicholas Sparks. I know he is pretty much the King of Cheesy Romance, but if you didn’t cry when you saw The Notebook than your heart is made of stone. Or you’re a straight guy.) The kit was complete with pedicures, so you can probably guess what Yaya and I are going to be doing tomorrow…

We spent a lot of Saturday packing and re-packing. And this morning, this beautiful, perfect morning, our church family had an amazing send-off party for us following Bible Study and before church. Is this not the cutest cake you’ve ever seen?
They filled our car with incredible gifts for Baby Boy (and Yaya), and wrote prayers and well wishes on these darling cards that they piled into a beautiful basket. My creative mom made a cute mobile to hang from our living room fan so that we could see and read them throughout the week:
1054737 1361763910
There are no words that can express how much it meant to us.We opened our gifts in a rush, because Joel had to be to the airport. When we got to the airport, we waited in line for a long time, and got THE LAST seat on the plane that they had overbooked. (I should also say that it took a lot of convincing to get my husband to leave for the airport at 10:15. He wanted to preach his sermon and leave afterwards. Had he done that you would have found me in a puddle on the floor at the airport — or perhaps begging complete strangers to give up their seats.)But he made it off!  Right now, he is on his way to Belgium, and will be landing in DRC tomorrow night. The goodbye at the airport was emotional and exhilirating. It was a day I have pictured in my mind since last spring. It was gorgeous and sunny, and the panoramic views of the mountains in the airport windows with snow glistening on them had me whispering praises to God our Creator for so many different reasons today. I kept thinking, “Next time I see my husband, my son will be in his arms.” “Next time I’m at this airport, it will be to meet my son.” “Next time I pull out of this parking lot, my son will be in the car with us.”


I am still feeling anxious. Anixous for Joel’s travels — that he will make all the connections to and from and that weather will be clear. Anxious that the embassy will issue Baby Boy’s visa when they said they would. Anxious that he will get his exit letter quickly and perhaps be able to come home sooner than expected. Anxious for Baby Boy’s health, which still remains fragile (one of the reasons Joel flew out as soon as possible).

Now I”m enjoying the Academy Awards with my mom. The Oscars are seriously my Super Bowl. (Though can we all just agree Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should be hosting? Seth MacFarlane you are kind of ruining them. And so is the “Jaws” music that keeps cutting off the speeches — is that supposed to be funny?)  Anyways….

And so begins the week of waiting. The LAST week of waiting in this arduous journey.



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