Happy Easter!

Just watched a beautiful segment on Sixty Minutes that made me weep -- it so resonated with me as a musician! Please watch -- it will be a treat for you this Easter Sunday! (I can't believe the baby sleeping in the room next to me right now was just in this country a month ago.) Here's a little preview of the news segment and you can CLICK HERE to watch the segment in it's entirety. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW0USC8kbYg … [Read more...]

Out of Africa.

Just a couple little updates before I get to a really boring blog post about some of the Congolese treasures Joel brought home from Africa.Baby Boy is doing well and putting on weight quickly. Check out these thighs: … [Read more...]

Airport, Part Two.

I never blogged in too much detail about the night at the airport, so here goes....Baby Boy was set to arrive late on the night of March 3rd. We had gone back and forth about whether or not to have an "airport party" since it felt a little show-offy to us (even though I never feel that way about others doing it, but for some reason I worried it would come off that way when we did). But a couple of months before we decided that it might actually be a fun way for Yaya to have the joy of showing … [Read more...]

Progress and I Need a Maid.

A little update on some of Baby Boy's health issues.... I took to my Congo Facebook group with concerns over Baby Boy's huge belly and enlarged organs. He is gradually growing into his belly -- meaning that other parts of him are fattening up nicely -- but it isn't shrinking any. I was worried that the parasite tests were wrong and he really did have something going on that needed treatment. A couple of other DRC mamas with similar issues mentioned something called Kwashiorkor, a form of … [Read more...]

Protected: Baptismal Day.

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How He’s Doing.

Now that Baby Boy has been home a little over two weeks, we have had a chance to get to know him a little bit more and already see some signs of growth and attachment as well as struggles that we continue to work towards overcoming as best as we can. Baby Boy is an absolute sweetheart and loves to cuddle, which makes the whole attachment thing pretty easy for both of us. In fact, when it comes to attachment....we think we're there. He likes to snuggle and be snuggled. He already recognizes … [Read more...]

Protected: Siblings.

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Baby Boy.

Greetings from our cozy cocoon! My mom just took Yaya to church for Lenten service and I am watching Baby Boy play on his tummy and laughing happily. He is doing so well. There's so much to write, but for now, I'll just tell you a bit about our new son. As far as babies go, he is pretty easy. He sleeps twelve hours at night, falls asleep while playing with his toys on the floor during the day, and never cries. No jet lag whatsoever. And even though I know these traits are largely do to … [Read more...]

Nine Months.

Baby Boy is nine months old today.And he's home. … [Read more...]


Thoughts on "seven-until-thirty" from Joel. In seven hours, I'll star a thirty hour, three flight trip with a nine month old. I always figured this is the part  I'd be worried about. (Maybe I should be!). Will he sleep?  Scream?  Bust a diaper on the person next to him? I figured I'd be thinking about all those things, but I can't. Lying next to me on a bed in room 208 of St Annes Procure in Kinshasa, DRC, is my son.  Chirping like a happy little dolphin. So I get to think about other … [Read more...]