Baby Boy.

Greetings from our cozy cocoon!

My mom just took Yaya to church for Lenten service and I am watching Baby Boy play on his tummy and laughing happily. He is doing so well.

There’s so much to write, but for now, I’ll just tell you a bit about our new son.

As far as babies go, he is pretty easy. He sleeps twelve hours at night, falls asleep while playing with his toys on the floor during the day, and never cries. No jet lag whatsoever. And even though I know these traits are largely do to the fact that he has been spent the first nine months of his life in an orphanage and that makes me sad, they do make life on the other side pretty easy. He is cuddly and sweet and laughs and smiles all the time.

Baby Boy LOVES food. The only time he really cries is when he finishes a meal, but even that is getting better and I hope hope it is because he is learning to trust that we will give him more food and that he won’t go hungry. We’ve been giving him formula and some breastmilk donated by a friend, lots of baby oatmeal, and introduced him to squash, carrots and bananas so far. Any time he sees someone else eating he gets upset and desperate and wants to have a bite. Kind of breaks my heart.

He and Yaya get along splendidly, and their relationship deserves its own post one of these days. He’s been home almost three full days now, and there’s a lot of little things we’ve been doing to foster attachment. We take baths together, when I feed him I lean my face in close to him and look into his eyes, I let him nap on my chest, massage him with lotion (African skin dries out quickly) and I spend a lot of time wearing him in a carrier whenever I”m doing things around the house. We tagged along to Yaya’s swim lessons today and went to a small cafe for lunch (his first outing in America), and he was fascinated with the new sights. He attracted a lot of attention and was ever-so-charming with the strangers, which is a reminder to me that even though he is happy and content we still need to give our attachment time and be careful about introducing him to too many new people and places all at once.

He’s gained one pound since Joel picked him up from the orphanage and we have a pediatrician appointment this Friday, so I”m anxious to learn more about how to encourage his growth.

Sorry, this isn’t the most interesting post — just wanted to give a little update since many have been asking and I haven’t been online much to respond.

Thanks everyone for your e-mails, texts and phone calls. We are doing great and truly overflowing with happiness. Sometimes as I watch him I am just amazed at the little miracle he is — his very existence and what he has come through in such a short life — and now he is here. With us.


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