Airport, Part Two.

I never blogged in too much detail about the night at the airport, so here goes….Baby Boy was set to arrive late on the night of March 3rd. We had gone back and forth about whether or not to have an “airport party” since it felt a little show-offy to us (even though I never feel that way about others doing it, but for some reason I worried it would come off that way when we did). But a couple of months before we decided that it might actually be a fun way for Yaya to have the joy of showing off her brother before cocooning, and it might be nice for others who have prayed him home to see him before we went into hiding. But Joel’s flight was majorly delayed until 3:40 IN THE MORNING. So our airport party ended up being a tiny little group of four dear friends — perhaps a little more our comfort level, anyways!Yaya went to bed early and woke up a couple of times asking, “Airport yet?”  I tried to sleep, but didn’t sleep at all, and we finally left for the airport at 2:30. According to Joel, Baby Boy cried just a few minutes here and there on the way, and that was it. My mom was with Yaya and me, and our friends were already waiting at the airport. It was so surreal. We waited downstairs by the fireplace while I checked on the phone repeatedly to see if they landed.

Baby Benjamin 134 Baby Benjamin 135 Baby Benjamin 143 Baby Benjamin 145 Baby Benjamin 149 Baby Benjamin 153

Yaya brought the bear she made at Build-a-Bear in Salt Lake (his shirt says “Welcome Home) and a blanket for him — a beautiful one that my close friend made for him (Yaya has one in pink!).
When my online plane tracking revealed that they were a few minutes away, we went upstairs to watch the plane land.
Baby Benjamin 164 Baby Benjamin 165Baby Benjamin 171 Baby Benjamin 168 Baby Benjamin 180 Baby Benjamin 179 Baby Benjamin 177 Baby Benjamin 197 Baby Benjamin 192
Then we saw them at the gate and ran to the door.
Baby Benjamin 200

Seeing him in real life for the first time was the most surreal moment of my life. He looked like a perfect little doll — more beautiful and much smaller than his pictures. He was moving and smiling and waving his arms excitedly.
Baby Benjamin 201 Baby Benjamin 207 Baby Benjamin 209
This is one of my favorite pictures from the night. I think it sums up the story pretty well:
Baby Benjamin 211
Yaya was so taken with him, right from the start. You’ll see in the video footage (I’m working on a homecoming video for him that I hope to post soon) that she sat down immediately on the floor and asked to hold him.
Baby Benjamin 217 Baby Benjamin 218 Baby Benjamin 222 Baby Benjamin 225
Here she is, holding her brother for the first time:
Baby Benjamin 228 Baby Benjamin 229

He responded to me right away with lots of smiles and touching my face with his hands. I was telling some moms from my adoption group that it was nice to think that it was love at first sight on his part, but really I was a perfect stranger to him so that was a silly thought to have. One of them said that maybe God instilled a yearning and instant desire and love in his heart for me. I like that idea.
Baby Benjamin 231 Baby Benjamin 241
Can you see how much Yaya adores him?
 Baby Benjamin 226
After Yaya was done holding him, she ran to the balcony and called to our four waiting friends, “He’s here!”  Then she kept asking me, “Can we go show our friends?”
Baby Benjamin 257 
How can I even begin to tell these four friends how much it meant to me that they showed up?  Thank you, friends.Below is my friend who is adopting from the same orphanage. She has become like a sister to me. I can hardly wait until we are greeting her little one at the airport.
Baby Benjamin 261

These are some favorites of Baby Boy and me:
Baby Benjamin 264Baby Benjamin 278 Baby Benjamin 275 Baby Benjamin 270 Baby Benjamin 269 Baby Benjamin 267
So worth the wait.
Baby Benjamin 304 Baby Benjamin 292 Baby Benjamin 288 Baby Benjamin 283
Below is my favorite picture from the night. I remember the moment distinctly. I just had this clear thought ringing through my head that was finally articulated in all the overwhelming emotion — My children are such gifts. Thank you, Jesus.
Baby Benjamin 315

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17


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