Out of Africa.

Just a couple little updates before I get to a really boring blog post about some of the Congolese treasures Joel brought home from Africa.Baby Boy is doing well and putting on weight quickly. Check out these thighs:

He has grown out of his three month clothes and is onto six months, and I even had to adjust the buttons for his diapers. He is attaching super well, which is evident by the fact that he is growing more fussy. The past few nights he has been up quite a bit, which I heard through a friend who talked to an international doctor that this is common in adopted children as they attach — their way of “checking in” to see if you will soothe them. Still having some major food issues which can make it difficult to be away from home for too long as he is not easily soothed when we are out and about and he finishes a bottle — but he does better if we’re home and there are familiar things around. The repositioning of his head that we’re supposed to do to help with torticollis is REALLY tough since he is very “set in his ways”. I’ve found the one thing that will get him to turn his head is if I take him for walks in the carrier and have Yaya on the right side of me, since he is intrigued with her prancing and endless chatter. He’s also rolling around like crazy. He has figured out that since he can’t crawl, if he wants to get to a toy to the other side of the blanket, the way to accomplish this is to roll to it.Anyhoo…thought I would share some of the keepsakes Joel brought back from DRC for those who might be interested, since I know a lot of the readers on here have a journey to Congo in their future….Joel picked up some really beautiful fabric, some of which was used to make clothing for the kiddos and a dress for me. I am far too white to pull off my gorgeous Africa dress in any normal setting, so you may not find me proudly posting photos of me in it on the blog. We still have some leftover fabric so hoping to get some skirts for Yaya and me made, and another shirt for Baby Boy that will fit him when he’s older:


Since I’m a high-maintenance kinda wife, I asked Joel to purchase 18 wooden animals so that we have one to give Baby Boy every year for his birthday until he turns eighteen. Believe it or not, he actually did it:

He also bought this awesome Congolese nativity set. Isn’t it incredible?

I love this doll he got for Yaya:

And a little stuffed elephant for each of them:

This painting hangs in our entryway:
And this string of hearts. A heart for Baby Boy and Yaya, two hearts for our babies in heaven, and one heart for Baby Boy’s twin sister in heaven:

It’s hanging in this corner of our bedroom where I like to sit and read my Bible/watch Bachelor:

I also love this cross hanging in our dining room:

He did an awesome job of getting a few things for our home that will always remind Baby Boy and our family of his birth country, and some keepsakes that we can give him each year to show him that we honor his heritage.Oh, and our family update is on Give1Save1 today, if you’re interested. Nothing you haven’t seen on this blog, but while you’re over there, maybe you have $1 you could bless the family of the week with?All right we’re off to physical therapy. Toodles!


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