I've been thinking a bit lately about genetics and such. I think it stems from being back in Utah this past week and seeing people who knew me when I was young. They now see Yaya and marvel over how much she is the blonde haired, blue eyed version of me at four years old.When I look at Yaya, I do see a lot of myself in her. Sometimes it catches me off guard. I'll put her hair in the same sponge curlers my mom has a gazillion pictures of me in as a child and she'll look up at me and smile and it … [Read more...]

Eyes Opened.

Now that our adoption is done, I've been wrestling with something. What next? This may sound weird because it's not as though we don't have plenty to do in the present. But when we were in process to adopt I really felt like I was doing something. And when I see pictures of more kids in DRC or read Nia Vardalos' book I start thinking, "Oh let's adopt again!  Let's adopt from foster care! Let's adopt from Congo!  Let's adopt from Haiti!" Seriously, though, we just can't do it right now. … [Read more...]

Sibling Love.

When we began to very seriously consider adoption as a path to grow our family (just a year ago -- crazy!), I had some hidden fears about what it would mean for our birth daughter.(A little back-story if you're new to this blog. Many people adopt because they want to help a child. They have a few birth children and feel that they have more love to give, so they adopt a child without a family. Our motivation was not so selfless. Frankly put, we adopted because we couldn't carry another child to … [Read more...]


Confession: I kind of forget my baby's black. I mean, I'm not ignorant of the fact (especially when trying to detangle his hair), but I sort of forget that it's a thing. The first time I took him out we went to the hot springs for Yaya's swim lesson. When we walked into the building, I felt like I was in a scene from a sit-com or something. Everyone turned their heads and looked at us. Not in a mean way -- totally friendly and smiley and gushing. But I sort of had this moment of, "Oh! Okay. … [Read more...]

Homecoming Video.

Any other adoptive moms out there obsessed with watching "Gotcha Day" videos? I totally am. I think they are beautiful treasures, even though they make me cry the ugly cry. Goodness knows I have even subjected Yaya and my poor husband to their fair share of these videos over the past year. I made a sort of homecoming video for Baby Boy -- it's not really a "Gotcha Day" video both since I'm not a huge fan of that term and since it's also more of a keepsake video for Baby Boy that chronicles … [Read more...]