Homecoming Video.

Any other adoptive moms out there obsessed with watching “Gotcha Day” videos? I totally am. I think they are beautiful treasures, even though they make me cry the ugly cry. Goodness knows I have even subjected Yaya and my poor husband to their fair share of these videos over the past year.

I made a sort of homecoming video for Baby Boy — it’s not really a “Gotcha Day” video both since I’m not a huge fan of that term and since it’s also more of a keepsake video for Baby Boy that chronicles his journey to us and his first month home, rather than just the moment when we were united with him. Normally it’s the type of thing I’d share on our password protected Photo Blog, but I decided that since Gotcha Day videos played a huge part in stirring our hearts when we faced a crossroads in how to grow our family, I wanted to “pay it forward”. If our video inspires one family, it will be worth sharing. So that said, feel free to pass on the link to those you may think will enjoy it, but try to refrain from passing it along to any super creeps or molesters.

I don’t kid myself that you’ll find all of our family photos so interesting you’ll want to watch entire video in all it’s 15 minute glory — especially since I don’t really know how to do anything cool or exciting when making a video (as evidenced by our week on Give1Save1 — which pretty much looks exactly like this homecoming video) — but the second song and following parts before the third song are photos and footage from Joel’s time in Congo that I think you’ll probably find that part really interesting. It’s a beautiful peek into our son’s birth country.

So, without further delay….here is our homecoming video.



  1. […] I put together a homecoming video for Baby Boy and marveled over the instant sibling connection between Yaya and Baby Boy. […]

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