Baby Boy's first birthday is quickly approaching.Confession: I have been a bit blue about it. Birthdays are always bittersweet for me, as I imagine they are for every mom. Each year, when we have celebrated Yaya's birthdays, I feel so excited about what lies ahead and the amazing girl she is growing into, but also sad at how quickly the past year has gone and that the sweet baby/toddler/preschooler is growing up. With Baby Boy's approaching birthday, I must admit that … [Read more...]


I'm starting to get my rhythm with two kids, slowly but surely. It has definitely been an adjustment, and I'm learning that there are some things I just have to let go. Pretty much my house is never clean, so there's that. I've also realized that my life is in need of a lot of simplifying. Baby Boy needs time at home to be loved on and cuddled, time to work on his physical therapy exercises and time to just hang out doing nothing. He is at his best when I'm down on the floor with him, talking … [Read more...]

Loss in Adoption.

When we entered the world of international adoption and decided that we would adopt from the Congo, I learned of many uncertainties that my heart wasn't prepared for (and how can you really ever prepare your heart for the loss that can come?). As I scoured blogs of other Congo adoptive families, it was not unusual to hear of a referral being lost. Birth family members came forward. Children went missing. Children died. There is very real risk involved in the world of adoption. My husband … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day.

"Children born to another woman call me 'Mom'. The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me." - Jody Landers On Mother's Day of last year, we called our extended family to tell them that we were beginning our home study process to adopt a child from the Congo.One year later, and that child is home. It was a truly special weekend for me as a Mother of Two. Since our Sundays tend to be busy, we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday with a hike and … [Read more...]


So an awesome long-distance friend sent me this really encouraging e-mail this week that inspired an idea for a post. She had asked me a few weeks ago about how the transition to two was going, and I let her know that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at times and feeling guilty because I wasn't doing all the things I used to do with Yaya like library visits and trips to the museum and my house was a wreck and I was tired. She e-mailed me back and gave me a list of all her "bad mom" moments (don't … [Read more...]


An article I wrote for MT Parent is also in this month's publication on page 65, if you're interested in reading it. … [Read more...]

Build Her Up.

Is it just me, or does the competition among women drive anyone else crazy? I remember in high school the competition among girls for all those typical things -- popularity, The Boy, the best clothes, etc. I was relived when I went to a super geeky college where everyone was so focused on studies that they could have cared less about popularity, The Boy, the best clothes, etc. Life was good again. Then I had kids. Enter mom-petition. How many times have we moms been victims (or at … [Read more...]