So an awesome long-distance friend sent me this really encouraging e-mail this week that inspired an idea for a post. She had asked me a few weeks ago about how the transition to two was going, and I let her know that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at times and feeling guilty because I wasn’t doing all the things I used to do with Yaya like library visits and trips to the museum and my house was a wreck and I was tired. She e-mailed me back and gave me a list of all her “bad mom” moments (don’t worry friend, I won’t post them here!) and talked about how, so often, we moms want to come off as “supermom” and don’t share our weaknesses. We are worried people will judge us, make us feel worse, or think we don’t love our kids if we confess that we don’t necessarily have it all together all the time. We won’t admit that sometimes our kids really do eat Lunchables or watch television instead of reading books all day long.I can so relate to that. When Yaya was born people would come up to me and say, “Oh, one is so easy!  You can nap while they nap!”  Yaya didn’t nap until she was 5 months old, and so I was tired and crazed and had to restrain myself from physically attacking these people. But instead of admitting that I was tired and crazed, I put on a brave face and pretend like everything was just perfect so people didn’t think I was ungrateful for this gift of a daughter or that I didn’t love her. I finally broke down one afternoon at church to a more experienced mom than I who told me to throw outBabywise and shared some of her struggles as a new mom, too. I felt so much better after sharing. And Yaya eventually started napping and I temporarily regained my sanity.

But today, mamas, let’s take down those walls. Let’s not pretend to be supermoms. Let’s confess our moments of weakness and have a laugh and — in doing so — build each other up and know that we are not alone. Just because we didn’t bake cookies with our kids today or we haven’t put together those sock puppets we saw on Pinterest doesn’t mean we’re bad moms.It means we’re real moms.

I’ll get the ball rolling and go first. I feel like I confess a lot on this blog about weakness, whether it’s a photo of my failed attempt at baking a cake or revealing the fact that I fed my 4-year-old eatmacaroni and cheese from the box for a week straight. But here’s a few confessions….

Confession #1: Right now my house looks like this:


But instead of my usual naptime routine of listening to my devotionals on my iPod while I pick up the house, I sat on the couch and read this:

Confession #2: I let Yaya eat jellybeans for breakfast a couple of mornings ago because I didn’t have time to make her breakfast and we were running late for an appointment, so when she  put jellybeans in her snack cup to eat on the road, I thought she had a brilliant idea.Another confession that has nothing to do with parenting: I just ate an entire container of goat cheese like it was frosting.Okay, so now it’s your turn. And please don’t leave me hanging or this is just not going to be any fun and I am going to be embarrassed. And you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?

Post your confession(s) in the comments below (you don’t even have to leave your real name if you don’t want to).


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