I expect some major accolades for blogging this week because I have been super busy...watching Downton Abbey. I just discovered it and life will never be the same. I have crammed so many episodes into a 24 period that I actually had a dream last night that I was friends with the Granthams and called my attorney brother to request his help to ensure that Lady Mary would get the inheritance. When Ella woke up early from her nap yesterday I turned on Dora for her while I watched an episode of … [Read more...]

Ode to Joel.

Without going into too much detail, I will say that Father's Day is always a little difficult for me. I have an estranged relationship with my father and haven't had any verbal contact with him for over six years.Father's Day was always difficult for me growing up, too. When I began doing my own shopping for gifts and cards, it was hard to find a card with just simply "Happy Father's Day" on it. There were usually sentiments on the card that I didn't understand or feel were applicable. I didn't … [Read more...]

Grant Advice.

A few times a month -- I am contacted by blog readers to ask about agency recommendations, diet advice, etc. But mostly the question I get asked is about grants. They read our post about how we funded our adoption through grants and want to know our "secrets". I was once in your shoes, dear reader. Here I go, trying to pay it forward for the encouragement that was given me as we embarked upon our journey (not that we have any "secrets", but I do have some completely non-expert advice to … [Read more...]

First Birthday Party.

Yesterday, my beautiful baby had his first birthday party (he actually turns one on Tuesday). I kept pinching myself that he was actually home for his first birthday and that I had the tremendous blessing of being able to celebrate it with him and capture the memories for him with pictures. Such a gift. He is still purging after a bad bout with either soy formula or dairy -- we aren't sure which -- and has been a bit on the weak side and not his typical joyful self.  But he still … [Read more...]