10 Children’s Books About Adoption.

I buy a lot of books for my kids. It's the one thing that -- much to my husband's chagrin -- I never hesitate to purchase for them. We spend a lot of time reading and Yaya loves to read (not yet Baby Boy -- who pretty much loves to squirm around on my lap), so I never feel that it's money wasted. … [Read more...]


Having a daughter gives me anxiety.Let me explain....Even though my daughter is just four, sometimes she gets weird compliments or lingering stares from creepy dudes that cause me weariness and make me pull her in a little tighter. The thought of her dating one day nearly sends me into a panic attack. The thought of her going away to college and walking around campus alone -- perhaps sometimes at night -- makes me wants to throw up. I worry because I know what it is to be a girl. I've been … [Read more...]

Train Up a Child Challenge.

Confession: I'm really bad at following through with things.Exhibit A: This is an "Accountable Kids" chore chart of sorts. My girlfriend did it with her daughter and raved about it. I have tried and failed to implement chore charts at our house, but thought the premise of this one was great. I ordered it, watched the cult-ish video, read the book and was totally a believer. I obviously had the best of intentions because I NAILED THE THING TO THE WALL. And it has looked exactly like this … [Read more...]

Life After Adoption.

So this post is one I've been wanting to write for awhile. And I've been thinking about it a lot lately as I was chatting with my friend who leaves this weekend for her first of two Ethiopia trips -- the one where she'll appear in court and meet her daughter (but not the one where she gets to bring her home -- pray for her heart!). She was asking me some questions about attachment and mentioning some worries about meeting her child for the first time. And I was sharing all my wisdom that I've … [Read more...]

Reeds of Hope.

Today I want to talk to you about family reunification and how you can -- and should -- play a small role in it. This isn't going to be a blog about adoption ethics, because I'm hardly the authority on that (though if you do want to read about adoption ethics, I would encourage you to take a look at Jen Hatmaker's excellent series on the topic). I simply want to state this: adoption SHOULD be a last resort. It should be the option for children who do not have birth parents, family, friends, … [Read more...]

International and Domestic Adoption.

When we first arrived home with Baby Boy, one of our airport pictures somehow made the rounds until it was shared on the Facebook page of a local news station. A friend told me about it, and I went to see the picture and, unfortunately, also saw the comments that ensued. Most were positive, but unfortunately the first comment was about how there are plenty of American kids who need homes and she was sick of these couples trying to be Angelina Jolie. (For the record, I was totally Team … [Read more...]