Train Up a Child Challenge.

Confession: I’m really bad at following through with things.Exhibit A:
This is an “Accountable Kids” chore chart of sorts. My girlfriend did it with her daughter and raved about it. I have tried and failed to implement chore charts at our house, but thought the premise of this one was great. I ordered it, watched the cult-ish video, read the book and was totally a believer. I obviously had the best of intentions because I NAILED THE THING TO THE WALL. And it has looked exactly like this for the past seven months, because that’s the last time we actually acknowledged its presence.
Exhibit B:

This is the fabulous K4 Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I stayed up almost all night night a few months ago and printed the entire curriculum (oh, the trees that were killed with this endeavor), organized it into folders within binders and laminated and colored all sorts of things. I implemented the program with Yaya for exactly three days.
So you can see that I have a lot of “big ideas” but don’t always (or perhaps more accurately, ever) see them through.Which is why I’m taking to the blog with my latest idea. Accountability, friends.Back in February Yaya and I did a cupcake stand for Cupcake Kids to raise money for Bibles for imprisoned children in Uganda. I realized at that time that even though my daughter was only three (she’s now four), it was a hugely awesome experience for her. We spent time watching videos about what Sixty Feet organization does in Uganda, looked at pictures of kids in Uganda, and had a blast making cupcakes together. It was sort of like this light bulb in my head went off and I realized how much I want to continue this for my children — this idea of serving. Then I learned about this blog built on the premise of kids serving called Pennies in Time and knew it was time to act!So my latest idea is this: one service project a month involving kids for an entire year. I’m calling in the “Train Up A Child Challenge” (because I’m original like that) and I’m going to blog about it here. Like I said, accountability.
train up challenge

Want to do it with me?  Because that would be just awesome. You can share what you’re doing in the comments section and link up to posts within your own blogs, if you want to blog about it. You can pin the image above to your Pinterest account and garner some interest for others. The service projects don’t need to be big. While we’ll probably do some “bigger” ones this year, I want to teach my kids about simple, every day acts of service they can do. I’ll get the ball rolling with a really simple project that I did with my kids today.

Those of you who know me know that I adore gardening. Except that I kind of stink at it. But this year, I actually took the time to read and implement ideas from this awesome book (which I totally blame for my dream of retiring on a Montana farm where we’ll make our own goat cheese and sell vegetables at the farmer’s markets) and now we have an awesome garden, for possibly the first time ever. Here’s one of our raised beds (is it obvious that I’m bragging?):

Anyhow, I was thinking through some ideas this morning for our first service project while I was outside working in the yard with the kids. I was dreaming of ways to combat global poverty when I realized — we have way more lettuces and herbs that are ready for harvesting then we can ever possibly use.
I decided to leave global poverty for another day and began talking to Yaya about all the nice neighbors we have and how many amazing things they have done. We talked about our neighbor across the street, who served our country and lost both of his legs in the war. We talked about our sweet neighbors down the street who showed such thoughtfulness to Baby Boy and Yaya when he first came home, and how they now have a new baby and are probably super stressed out. We talked about the neighbors who are so nice to Yaya and let her come over and play on their swing set. And we decided that it would be fun to show them some love and kindness by bringing some of our garden bounty to them.Yaya and I spent about an hour taking cuttings of everything and dividing them up into bags.
IMG_2374 IMG_2376
Then the two kids and I set out for a walk around the neighborhood, where we left bags of herbs or salad greens on the doorsteps of our friends.
And there you have it — our easy peasy July project.How about you? Will you participate? Please share ideas below!


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